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The Exploration Of Mental Patient Compulsory Medical Treatment System In Comparing Horizon

Posted on:2014-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China’s compulsory medical treatment system has existed for decades, but theapplication of the system has a big obstacle due to the relative nature of the provision is toofuzzy.The mental health law of the People’s Republic of China has been through at the11thNational People’s Congress standing committee29th meeting on october26,2012.Throughout the law, it is not hard to see the relevant regulation in the respect and safeguardhuman rights and scientific design has the compulsory medical procedures are moredetailed and comprehensive regulation, also make our mental health work has madeconsiderable progress.Also, mendment to criminal procedure law of the People’s Republicof China in2012increased mental patient compulsory medical procedures, which makesup the mental patient lack of procedural compulsory medical treatment system andprovides a clear procedure implementation of the system for the specific operation. Theprogram settings protects the interests of society as a whole in the maintenance of mentalpatients legal rights and sets up a bridge,it`s better to maintain the balance.This articlerevolves around the mental patient mandatory medical procedure, and we think that themental patient compulsory medical treatment system is a kind of social defense andpsychiatric patients benefit protection measures but not a punishment through to theintroduction and the application of the understanding of the system of the compulsorymedical treatment system in the United States and Germany. Implementation of thecompulsory medical treatment system must be implemented by fair and strict judicialprocess. We think compulsory medical treatment can be better implemented in our countrythrough the improved system of mandatory medical procedure.
Keywords/Search Tags:The mental patient, Compulsory medical treatment, Rights protection
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