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Problems And Solutions Of China’s Indemnificatory Housing Policies

Posted on:2014-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398468626Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Points out that the government work report of Premier Wen Jiabao in2008"NPC and CPPCC" period, we should establish the housing security system, not to move or retreat of the housing reform and the construction, let the people live and work in peace."1025" planning outline will support the comfortable housing project as a "must do""bound properties", therefore, affordable housing has slowly become solve people "an important way to home ownership" in the high house prices under pressure. The full implementation of the protection of housing projects has become the main task of government work, but because of China’s security system implementation time is not long enough, all kinds of problems inevitably in the practice process, so we need to know where their own problems, learn from other people’s practical experience, finally get the method to solve their problems. So the research on this problem has important theoretical and practical significance.The thesis is divided into five parts:The first part, based on the understanding of security concepts of housing, affordable housing on the generation background including social background and political background, laying the theoretical foundation for further analysis.The second part, to understand the concept of affordable housing system in China, analyzes legal basis of affordable housing system from the angle of law, and further understand the affordable housing system in our country contentThe third part, cool look realistic problems existing in the process of low-income housing construction, this article from the lack of preparations, policy not weeks, the legal system is not complete, financing and land acquisition demolition pressure, social management, low-income housing quality problems, the external supporting construction problems. Detailed analysis of these problems, there are loopholes from legislation to management and supervision, this paper will focus on the analysis of existing problems.The fourth part, research abroad on housing security long-standing, countries basically has formed a housing security legal system is relatively complete and perfect. The United States has issued "housing law""city reconstruction method""National Housing Act""housing and city development law", Japan from1950has issued "Housing Finance Corporation Act""public housing" real "Japanese Housing Corporation Law" and so on more than40laws and regulations, Singapore started to implement the housing accumulation fund security system from the in1968. These laws have played an important role in the housing security system, many of which are worthy of our reference. Worthy of our country learn from my paper will talk about countries from this several countries low-income housing system in place.The fifth part, some suggestions for perfecting the system of housing security in China, and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions to improve the affordable housing system in China, aiming at the above problems, outlined some of my own ideas, including the macro and micro aspects, macroscopic aspect mainly begins from the laws and regulations, the microscopic aspect suggestion to perfect a series of management supervision mechanism. This also is the research focus.
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