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On The Establishment And Improvement Of Land Resource Ecological Compensation System In China

Posted on:2014-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398478688Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Land resources is the foundation of human survival and development, Interdependence and interaction between people and land of the history of human society. Rich land resource in our country, but a large population, per capita land resources grossly inadequate. Caused by a lack of long-term investment, development, protection, and the overall long-term overload land ecological environment, ecological function decline, resist the ability of various natural disasters, disasters, damage strength increase. In the traditional development model, the ecological value of land resources is often overlooked, and lead to "environment is priceless, low-cost resources, goods, and the price is" phenomenon, encourages developers to develop land resources ecological damage caused by the external diseconomy passed on to the society. Facing the serious situation of ecological environment deterioration of land resources, economic development and land the contradiction between resource protection and development deepening, how to coordinate the relationship between the two in order to realize the interest balance, pointed out the direction of the ecological compensation system is put forward for us. Ecological compensation system is to motivate the ecological protection and construction, and promote the effective means of environmental protection. But, our country’s current land ecological compensation system has many defects, the land resources in the social life practice failed to give full play to the optimize allocation of resources, maintain and realize the sustainable utilization of land resources, therefore, it is necessary to build a perfect ecological compensation system of land resources, promote the protection and rational utilization of land resources, and achieve the harmonious development of man and nature.In this paper, from the Angle of law of ecological compensation is defined, in the eighteenth big meeting put forward under the background of ecological civilization concept, in-depth analysis of the construction of our country land resources ecological compensation system and the necessity and rationality, further excavate the meaning of the construction of land resources ecological compensation system. This article from our country the basic present situation of land resources ecological compensation system, and combined with the practical situation of China’s ecological compensation of land resources and the difficulties faced by, for the improvement of the system of ecological compensation of land resources has been optimized design, thus to promote the sustainable use of land resources in our country and realize the construction of beautiful China, realize the sustainable development of the Chinese nation "of great far-reaching significance.
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