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"Modern Analysis" Of Traditional Culture

Posted on:2014-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since modern times, China has been in the social structure transition. During the transformation, some problems have been always troubled us:Where will China go? Where will Chinese culture go? In the process of social transformation, Different answer has produced different school of thought, the representative of which are liberalism and Neo-Confucianism (or conservatism) and Marxism. As one of the three main social ideologies in modern China, modern Neo-Confucian scholars tried to rebuild Confucianism in the modern society, in order to restore the Confucianism’s dominant position in the modern Chinese. So it could provide more ideas and resources for Chinese transformation, and realize the smooth docking of traditional culture and democratic politics.It is in such a background, as a representative person of modern Neo-Confucian, Xu Fuguan stood on this position of tradition, and performed "modern analysis "trying to explore the resources of democratic politics in Chinese tradition, so as to realize the fusion of Confucianism and democracy.In Xu Fuguan’s political thoughts, Chinese culture contains profound humanistic spirits, which are awareness of potential dangers, freedom of the subject and the consciousness of roots. These moral humanistic spirits interweave together, constitute the value basis of Xu Fuguan’s political thoughts.Though Xu Fuguan endorsed Chinese traditional culture, he criticized the traditional authoritarian politics. He pointed out that traditional politic is authoritarian, and the theory foundation of the authoritarian politic is Legalism instead of Confucianism. Traditional authoritarian politics impacted on the development of Confucianism, Confucianism to a certain extent, ease the poison of authoritarian politics, but the shortcomings of Confucianism also fed the authoritarian political evil.After the "modern analysis" of traditional culture, Xu Fuguan set up a rounded system of The Confucian political thought. He embarked from the traditional Confucian moral pursuit to find the way to realize the fusion of Confucianism and democracy, and promoted the development of democratic politics through the conversion from People-Being-Foundation to democracy. In Xu Fuguan’s idea, the pursuit of democracy is to realize his ideal of freedom. He thought traditional culture contains abundant free spirits. Xu Fuguan expressed his liberal idea which combined positive liberty and negative liberty through the analyzing of free spirits in traditional culture and the criticizing of totalitarian politics.Xu Fuguan treated Chinese traditional culture and the May4th movement calmly. He criticized ideological politics strongly, and his political attitude become more and more deep which showed that his understanding of the politics is very calm and objective. But his political thoughts also contain the paradox between the democratic politics and the theory of original goodness of human nature. As well as the other scholars of Neo-Confucianism, he could not go out of the trap of "Inner Sageliness and Outer Kingliness ", so his political theory is full of intrinsic tension.Xu Fuguan’s academic thoughts flash dazzling light, but there also exists defects that could not be ignored. The significance of researching Xu Fuguan’s theory, on the one hand, we should notice his contribution to explore the modern value of the traditional culture. And On the other hand, as a representative of the modern Neo-Confucian, his theory provides us a good opportunity to review the political thought of Neo-Confucianism. The study of Xu Fuguan’s political theory has an important significance for us to reflect on Chinese political reality and the future of the politics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Xu Fuguan, Modern analysis, Theory of original goodness of human nature, Democratic politics, Liberty
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