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A Study On Legal Protection Of The Internet Privacy Right In The New Media Environment

Posted on:2014-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330398968703Subject:Civil law
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Freud pointed out that everyone have to peep other people’s subconscious desires, the desire and unconscious activities, it originates from itself and social with people depression or negative emotions, and to spy out other people’s privacy, the right to resolve the pressure to a certain extent, depression. This kind of view to the common existence of fueled largely by the social bad style. With the advent of the era of new media, digital technology and the development of Internet technology, people are more likely to infringe upon the privacy of others, at the same time, our privacy also are more likely to be infringed upon, it is the current social needs to solve an important problem.Technology development is a double-edged sword, the rapid development of new media brought great convenience to the public and new experience, this is what we can’t deny, and then we also can’t ignore it brings in the field of field of moral and legal issues, so need to intensify efforts to promote the application of new media and the Internet technology service personal privacy protection in the construction, and constantly to strengthen self-discipline and heteronomy, the social public to raise awareness of privacy protection, to strengthen legal protection, through the use of advanced technology to protect the privacy of citizens network so as to better promote the construction and development of new media.In this paper, through case analysis method, through to the "Beijing wong’s privacy rights dispute" the focus of controversy leads to the full text summary and analysis, analysis of the connotation of privacy and network privacy and characteristics, to explore under the new media environment the causes and effects of privacy was invaded. This article utilizes the literature retrieval and network information of the research methods, focusing on new media environment of invasion of privacy behavior law thinking, and emphatically puts forward the relevant prevention and regulation such as legal advice. In this paper, a total of six parts:The first part is the introduction, the introduction part introduces the research background。The second part is the case introduction. This part of the use case analysis method, introduces "The Wang Fei privacy case", which summarized the focus of controversy in this case relation, explained the network privacy and privacy of the scope and connotation, leading to new media environment infringement of privacy and suggestions the right of network privacy specific analysis and legal response.The third part mainly introduces the legal analysis of the focus of controversy, by combining the cases and tort liability law, analyzes the focus of controversy in this case.The fourth part mainly analyses the current situation of new media invasion of privacy, which introduces what is new media, new media environment, the main types of infringement of the network right of privacy and the legal analysis of the type of infringement, the relevant provisions of China’s "tort liability act", analyzes the elements of infringement, as well as the determination of the and assume responsibility for infringement of privacy infringement in the new media environment, finally introduces the characteristics of new media invasion of privacy and the main performance.The fifth part mainly analyzes the reasons for the existence of the new media environment, violations of the privacy act, the author from the characteristics of new media development proceed with, analysis in the new media environment the public privacy and network privacy from infringement, and the necessity and feasibility of legal regulation on it.The sixth part mainly put forward under the new media environment, the invasion of privacy laws to deal with, this part is also the focus of this paper. This part mainly introduces the current laws and regulations to improve the demand, as well as the author of the right to privacy under the new media environment legal advice, emphasizes the legal means to resolve the most effective means of its problems. Finally, legal means must be combined with other means, in order to better and more comprehensive public privacy to protect and promote the healthy development of the new media.
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