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Jilin City Empty Nest Elderly Intellectual Life Of The Mind

Posted on:2014-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398975883Subject:Ideological and political education
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In the world today, the material life plays a more important role in thepeople’s spiritual life. However, abundant material life does not necessarilyhave happy life.There is no direct proportion between the human happinessand material consumption in the real world. And a person enjoying thematerial wealth will not always enjoy happy feeling. A person can not leada better life even if he has more wealth. A person should pay more attentionto pursue the spiritual needs of the happiness. In today’s society, peopleraise the level of material life at the same time, should also improvepeople’s spiritual quality to meet the needs of the human spirit and enrichpeople’s spiritual life. It promotes the all-round development of people’slife to meet people’s material needs and meet the requirements of thehuman spirit better.In2013, the number of old people has already hit two hundredmillion and continues to show an upward trend. It is a heated social issue to be eagerly settled down how to improve the quality of the elderly. Thequality of the old man is put more attention in the society; more youngpeople pay less concern to the spiritual needs of the elderly under theinfluence of market competition and the life style. Some sons anddaughters think that sufficient material support to the elderly is to satisfythe needs of the elderly, which lead them to a happy life. However; theelderly consider the material life is the same important as the spiritual life.The human being can not live without material life, while without thespiritual life, human can not develop better.The paper tries to explore the present situation of the spiritual life ofurban empty nest elderly intellectuals and the various problems they face,and put forward to some measure to resolve them.
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