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China’s Higher Vocational Students Management Mode To Optimize Research

Posted on:2012-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the 21st century, the scale of higher vocational education in the development of the expansion strategy will move to improve the quality of education and teaching content-centric development model of the overall transformation of vocational education as an important part of the student management is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Popularization of higher education to replace the traditional "ivory tower" type of elite education, however, international political multi-polarization and economic globalization of trade, countries have become increasingly frequent cultural exchanges and other internal and external environment of China’s vocational schools have student management a significant or potential impact of changes in how to deal with these requirements, Students in vocational colleges to meet the management to follow up on the practical economic and social needs of personnel training, vocational schools has become an important research subject administration.In this paper, "5C" Leadership for the analysis based on theoretical models, drawing on the important elements of management of higher vocational college students management optimization problem, trying to change the backbone, customers, culture and five dimensions of assessment and to explore how to improve China’s mode of management students in vocational colleges, vocational schools to promote the work of departments and primary instructor of students actively actual demand from the students, the reform of vocational college students work concept, content, manner, methods and institutional mechanisms to adapt 21st century modern vocational education from elite to mass transformation of the reality of the overall challenge.In addition to this introduction beyond, including the three main parts:The first main part of the management of Students explains the theory. This part of the management model from the concept of college students and their constituent elements, the characteristics of students in vocational colleges and the impact of management options, "5C" model of leadership and management of vocational school students in innovation theory, the theoretical argument model fit and application.The second main part of the current management model assessment of vocational college students. This section describes in detail the current management of vocational college students the basic characteristics and operating performance, focus on their problems and their causes.The third main part of the vocational college students to explore strategies to optimize management. This section in the "5C" theoretical model of leadership under the guidance of students in vocational colleges for the current stage of China’s problems in the management process, putting forward the optimization objectives, guiding principles and institutional arrangements.The innovation of this paper is reflected in three aspects:(1) theoretical perspective unique. "5C" theory commonly used in the study of business management personnel, there is little research in vocational education and management of the results of the use of the theoretical model, therefore, to "5C" leadership model for the perspective of our vocational students with a unique management model; (2) model to build new. The author in accordance with "5C" theoretical framework designed by the "change", "backbone", "Customer", "assessment", "culture" consisting of students in vocational colleges management model has obvious novelty; (3) Suggestions targeted.The proposed targeted recommendations for the administration of vocational schools sector leaders and front-line counselors provide vocational college students change management policy guidance.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational colleges, student management model, "5C" leadership model, counselor team
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