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The Geography Analysis Of Population Distribution On Hui Nationality Of Jincheng

Posted on:2013-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371470350Subject:Human Geography
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The hui nationality as one of the most widely minorities in China,apart from regioning of in the northwest Chian, especiallyconcentrated in xinjiang, ningxia, other areas in China not much,make it the feature "big dispersed and small concentration" featuresin China. Other provinces and autonomous regions in China rightreveals the hui nationality population distribution, survival and hannationality and other ethnic brothers to long-term friendly exchangesget along and common prosperity of history, not only for our countrythe government at all levels to make a scientific national policy inpromoting the different nationality’s cultural integration haveimportant theoretical significance, and to further improve the huinationality, the other minority living conditions for constructing theharmonious China has a strong practical significance.Based on the population of geography, ethnic identity and culturalintegration of the three aspects of the related theory as the basis,jincheng, population distribution of hui nationality, analyzes theconnotation of Shanxi Province scattered hui nationality has selectedjincheng, as the research object, the literature research, collect data,questionnaire, comparison research, the field survey points, caseanalysis, and other methods, as research provide scientific basis, but also for the government to make relevant national policy jincheng,provide reliable reference.This paper is divided into four parts, the first part of the research,the paper studies the origin of purpose and meaning, basic problem.The second part of the paper is about the hui’s clan source, formationand evolution process and do the related migration route map. Thethird part is the number of people in the hui nationality in jincheng,structure and distribution was analyzed, using the collected datathrough the Excel and Cad do figure to the analysis of the huinationality jincheng population, comfort, population distribution, theprofessional population gender, through the questionnaire survey tothe analysis of the origin and the migration routes. The fourth part isabout temple fang hui jincheng, the geographical distribution andcultural function, jincheng hui 13 mosque in the geographical positionas the breakthrough point, with the case study, questionnaire surveymethod that the hui nationality religion and national culture by theinfluence of the han culture, back to the han alignment is strong. Theharmonious national policy in China to under the protection of thedevelopment of the hui nationality jincheng, more healthy andreasonable.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jincheng city, Hui nationality, population distribution, culture intergration, geographical frontier among different nationalities
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