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Employment Of College Students Of Economics Theory To Explore

Posted on:2013-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371481996Subject:Western economics
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For a country, talent is more important than oil, Financial Street and nuclearweapons. In the era of knowledge-based economy, talent is the core of productivity.Talent is the first resource. The importance of talent has been recognized as“consensus” by the people who have the insight since the ancient times. It isconcluded by the educators and economists through their exploration and research ofChina’s education that the function of higher education is: firstly, training the talentwho can adapt to the current social needs in order to speed up the construction of thesociety and the process of modernization of China formally; secondly, coordinatingthe relations among primary education, higher education and the development ofhuman. The main task of primary education, which is the basic mode of education, isto reduce and gradually eliminate the number of illiterates. At present, the ordinarycompulsory education of the whole people has been basically completed. Theresponsibility of higher education is to cultivate the talent that is needed by all kindsof industries in our country, to greatly improve the quality of the people and toprovide rich reserves of human resources for the development of China’s productiveforces. There are a variety of related issues, especially the problem of difficultemployment of college graduates which plays a crucial role in the rational allocationof university graduates, when improve the quality of the people and reserve thehigh-quality talent.From the data of ordinary college graduates released by the Ministry ofEducation, the employment rate of college graduates has fallen while the number ofcollege graduates rapidly increase. The quickly increased number of new graduatesand graduates who don’t obtain the jobs over the years is the great pressure toemployment. Actually, every year the number of graduates who is employed is verylarge. Consequently, the pressure of employment is enormous and the situation ofemployment is so severe. Obviously, it’s contradictory to the narrative of westerneconomic theory. Therefore, this paper proposes solutions to the problem of difficultemployment based on some relevant theories.The first part is introduction whose content is mainly about relevant concepts andsome theories such as capital theory and economic theory. The current trend of employment is revealed through the research at home and abroad. At the meanwhile,it is summarized that the analysis results of scholars from various countries for theproblem.The second part is the conditions and influences of current employment ofcollege graduates in our country. The part is mainly a detailed description of thesituation of graduates’ employment. And author’s personal understanding aboutaffecting factors of difficult graduates’ employment is described according to capitalinvestment in education, the selection of employment region and health protection.The third part is the theoretical explanation about the difficult graduates’employment. The problem of employment can be explained from the view of relevanttheories of human capital and western economics. In this part, the economicphenomena will give the enlightenment to our country’s employment.The fourth part is empirical analysis of the employment of college students. Forexplaining the difficult employment issue, regression model is established by settingthe variables of human capital through the collection of the data on the StatisticalYearbook.The fifth part is summary. The part summarized relevant results of the paper andthe solution to the questions I proposed, the possible problems that may exist andlimitations of the paper, and the outlook of the follow-up study.
Keywords/Search Tags:University students’ employment, Labor supply, Labor demand, Labor market factors
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