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The Analysis Of The Individual Ideal Education Of The Contemporary College Students

Posted on:2013-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371488673Subject:Ideological and political education
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The core of the ideological and political education is the ideal education which is required to highlight when to optimize the content and structure of the ideological and political education. In contemporary China, the common ideal is the theme of the core value system of the socialism an also the dominant of social ideal. At the same time, the development of the people-centered scientific concept carries out in-depth; the research paradigms of the ideological and political education pay more attention to the research of the human science, for example, the accepted theory of human being, the principal theory of human being, the developmental theory of human being, the humanistic concern received more attentions on the ideological and political education. All of these emphasize the individual subjectivity and value on the ideological and political education in some degree. We can get some inspirations from these viewpoints, on one hand, the ideal education need the common ideal as a guide to realize the diversity of individual ideal and to satisfy the social development and individual diversity. On the other hand, we need to nurture the scientific ideal of individual as to establish the basis of the common ideal and ultimately to achieve the coordinated development of the individual ideal and common ideal.The college students are the hope of the country and the future of the nation. To strengthen the ideal education is related to "what person should be cultivated and how to cultivate". The growth and development of college students need the scientific and lofty ideals to guide and inspire. The cultivation of university students’ideal demands the ideal education. The implementation of the ideal education should be respected to the needs of individual and emphasized the individual subjectivity, and then to establish the scientific ideal of individual. This paper based on the existing research and systematically analyzed how to establish the scientific ideal of individual from the aspect of ideal education.The main point of this paper is the study of the methods and ways of the individual ideal education of college students. The difficult point of this paper is to analyze the elements and the links which form in the process of individual ideal. This paper investigates the ideal education from the aspects of the ideal education of individual and put forward to the methods and approaches of education in the process of analyzing the formation of individual ideal. This is the innovational point of this paper.This paper is mainly divided into four parts:The first part is about the meaning and function of ideal. In the first instance explains the meaning, types, features and functions of ideal; secondly discuss the specific meaning of different parts of individual ideal, living ideal, vocational ideal, moral ideal and social political ideal. And then find out the relationship between individual ideal and common ideal. In the end of this part propose the necessity of ideal education in colleges. The first part is the foundational basis of the paper.The second part is an overview of the reality of ideal education of college students. On one hand, with the analysis on present condition of college students’ideal education, the author summarizes the features and situations in order to collect some necessary information for ideal education. On the other hand, examining the existing problems in ideal education could be a useful reference to college students’individual ideal education. In a word, this part aims at familiarizing with new situation and finding out new problems, and provides the reality basis for college students’individual ideal education.The third part explains formation process of individual ideal. Based on analysis of elements, links, external environment that affects formation of college students’individual ideal, in this part the author sums up the characteristics of formation of individual ideal. In perspective of internal formation of individual ideal, this part provides a theoretical basis for the individual ideal education.The fourth part discusses methods and actions to achieve college students’ideal education. Depending on elements, links and external environment, specific methods are proposed on the subject of college students’individual ideal. Method should be used in effective ways to achieve its goal. Therefore, three main ways on college students’individual ideal education would be described:colleges and universities’education on political ideal in form of class, education in form of practice and self-education. With these three methods work complementarily and mutually, appropriately applying the method of individual education helps to improve college students’individual ideal education’s practical effect.
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