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The Philosophical Reflection On The Development Of Chinese Women

Posted on:2013-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371492238Subject:Marxist philosophy
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This article in the theory of Marxist view of women, in light of China’s specialconditions, explore the problems of women in development, for women there should befurther development efforts.Entering the21st century, studied women’s development issues to be set before humansociety on a major topic. Since reform and opening up, market economy makes original ofsocial life occurs major of changes, makes women problem more highlight, and occurs hasnew of changes, specific performance for: women in by education area can enjoy to equal ofright problem, and women in careers, and employment range within can equal reasonable ofget work of opportunities problem, and women in participation political life in the by faced of"is edge of" problem.Women’s development because of the above problems from multiple sources, not justfrom one area and level can be explained clearly, in the form of: first, female oppression is aproduct stages of development of the productive forces, who not only has natural properties,but also has community property, people cannot be divorced from the social and theenvironmental. Women’s oppression is not there from the ancient community, but with thedevelopment of the productive forces. Require workers to pay more of the productivitydevelopment of early physical and congenital weakness of women’s physical, cause thefemale to play a leading role in the production; continued high-speed development of theproductive forces, breaking with manual priority modes, which is beneficial to women,because it makes promotion of the status of women was widespread. In other words, level ofdevelopment of the productive forces determines the level of advancement of women. Second,the development of women subjected to the gender division of labour. This Division primarilyprovides for a range of production and daily life of men and women, men can play in any ofthe vast world of your own, this Quartet of women being confined to the family in a smallenvironment with pity. Which denied women access to social opportunities, makes thembecome one only body of "wood". Third, the patriarchal culture brought to women bypoisoning. Restriction of women deeply Confucian in2000years, not only to "blot out thecongsaiming", but also respect for the men for days, maintain male dominance of parents onsocial and family, women have no development to speak of.Under the drive of reform and opening up in China, the "hundred flowers, contention of"democratic atmosphere, China began to research and reflection on the development of women,embodied in two aspects: first, the Chinese women’s development of the theory of errors. Is famous in the world of the France women writers ximengna·de·Bo v made a famous baby ideais that women are "second nature", is "the other". Because the definition is not from their ownwomen on self-characteristics of the proceeding, but rather to male standards are measured,making women’s term in the object position. In addition, because of the gender division oflabour still remains in people’s thinking, and plays a leading role, this habit of stereotypedthinking will hamper rapid development of women. Second, women its factors. In researchand reflection of process in the, awareness to women on social development of contribution ishuge of, but from women of physical and mental features view, women always to was"species" of control, main reflected in women of birth this special of area; from women by hasof quality view, women phase more Yu male missing on entire social of control ability,, theseare for women of secondary status provides has possibilities of conditions.Through the analysis of the root causes of women’s development issues, combined withthe specific national conditions of our country, raised female out of the way of development.First, improve the system of safeguards, superior social system is the fundamental guaranteeof the existence of women. Building out social, systemic and interests of women, developedwith special nature protection policy. Second, grasping the "equality between men andwomen" policy. In education so that women have equal education; new modes of innovationdevelopment of equality between men and women in employment; on equal significance tothe realization of women’s political participation. Third, update their concepts, enhancefemale subjectivity. Sense of self-knowledge-driven self-awareness-raising; strengthening theconsciousness of female subject; construction of discourse of equality between men andwomen.Last, we should awareness to in China of Socialist also is is primary stage of Socialist, itsmost significantly of features is productivity of development also in low-level stage, coupledwith social consciousness has its relative independence, social reality, to meet womendevelopment by needs of conditions also needs after long-term of struggle, this items task isany heavy and road far of, needs we constantly of station in general women of angle Shangfor exploration and research, needs pay we times of efforts.
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