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A Study On American First-Professional Degree

Posted on:2013-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371979943Subject:Higher Education
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By collecting a large number of studies in this article, literature analysis,quantitative analysis, comparative analysis of research methods, focusing on the studyof first-professional degree in the United States. Summary overview sectionsummarizes the first-professional degree of development and changes in the threeperiods, a stage-level grasp of the development of the U.S. first-professional degree.Then from the positioning of the first-professional degree, structure, function, trainingmode, described the status of the current U.S. first-professional degree. In terms ofquality, certification bodies in the first-professional degree entrance requirements,curriculum, graduation requirements, professional qualification examinations,evaluation and certification, and provides boundary conditions for the implementationand development of the first-professional degree, to ensure that the first the quality ofeducation of a professional degree in a clear standard. First-professional degree as aspecial professional degree, has its own characteristics, such particularity in thedevelopment process presents many unique advantages and features: a distinctcareer-oriented, strict quality certification, multi-management agencies, scientificqualification examination, by summing up its development experience to enable aclearer understanding of the first-professional degree. Stones from other hills mayserve to polish the jade."Combined with first-professional degree course ofdevelopment and its experience and professional degree in China, especially theprofessional doctorate in the problems and their causes, from cultural traditions, socialtreatment, industry organizations, professional degree system, some suggestions haveimplications for the development of China’s professional degree.
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