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The Structure Of Achievement Goal Orientation In Physical Exercise And Its Relation With Exercise Behavior

Posted on:2013-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330374450293Subject:Applied Psychology
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This study assumed that Achievement Goal Orientation Theory (AGOT) could be suitable in the field of physical exercise of collegiate students, while its construct conformed the Quartering, which was separated for Approach Learning Goals, Avoid Learning Goals, Approach Performance Goals, and Avoid Performance Goals; AGOT also could be used to predict and explain physical exercise behavior well, and intermediary variable like exercise motivation could explain their connection. Firstly, this study handed out half open questionnaires to100college students for finding out why they participate physical exercise, then according to the results of questionnaires and prediction, this study established "achievement goal orientation scale " for physical exercise, which included4dimensions and44subjects; Secondly, this study handed out the scale to130college students, then filtered subjects by item analysis to the results of scale, established a scale that could be suitable for Trichotomy, which included learning goals, approach performance goals and avoid performance goals. The fitting index of Trichotomy model is TLI=.963、NFI=.912、IFI=.978、CFI=.977, which proved that "exercise achievement goal orientation scale" for Trichotomy can be used; Finally, this study handed out the scale to130college students for prove that achievement goal orientation could explain and predict exercise behavior and exercise. Motivation’s intermediary strength for learning goals, approach performance goals is.22,.42.Results showed that:1) the new establishment "exercise achievement goal orientation scale" had a certain reliability and validity; the structure of Achievement Goal Orientation Theory was suitable for Trichotomy, which included learning goals, approach performance goals and avoid performance goals.2) achievement goal orientation could predict and explain exercise behavior; exercise motivation could explain their connection, the prediction effect of performance approach goal orientation was better than learning goal orientation.Conclusion and suggestion:1) Achievement Goal Orientation Theory is suitable for physical exercise field and its structure is suitable for Trichotomy.2) achievement goal orientation can predict and explain exercise behavior and exercise motivation can explain their connection.3) This study suggests that workers who help people to promote their exercise could have developed intervention strategies according to Achievement Goal Orientation Theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:Achievement Goal Orientation Theory, exercise behavior, exercise motivation, college student
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