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Research On The Transformation Of Sports Administration System In The Period Of Social Transition

Posted on:2013-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330374950615Subject:Administrative Management
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After30years’efforts of reform and opening up, China has established a relatively perfect and characteristics sports administrative system, which provides guarantee for the development of China’s sports system. With the comprehensive construction well-off society and to further improve the socialist market economy, it has gradually revealed the incompatible side between current sport administrative systems with the social market economy. The existing problems with explanation:the current sports system is no longer adapt to the development situation, and a deeper level reform is urgently needed in the sports system. Only accelerate sports administrative management reform can eliminate the institutional barriers and promote our sports faster and betterIn this paper, the sports administration system transformation is studied as the research object based on the social transition in our country, study of social transition, and discussed the problems of sports Administrative system in China and puts forward the corresponding countermeasures through the research method of literature, logical analysis, comparativeResearch suggest that:sports administration should shift the focus on the implementation of national strategies, policies, make sports industry policy and development planning, strengthen the sports industry management and provide services According to the principle of unified the responsibility, right and interest, further clarify the responsibilities of all levels of sports administration, deal with the working relationship between each other Reform "the nationwide system", in order to realize the harmonious sports as the ultimate goal. Therefore, the only way is serious internal reforms in order to create a new system. The general principle is to separate through thoroughly implement the separation of the government affairs and enterprises, to achieve "four changes", that is, change from doing to controlling, from the micro-management to macro-management, from manage enterprises and institutions directly to indirectly upon the social, from the closed inward-looking management to open export-oriented approach managing, break the image of omnipotent government, which formed under the planned economic system. Establish a "limited" government relieved from the office complex sports activities. Effectively carry out the functions of policy-oriented, regulations, market supervision, social management and public serviceThe input mechanism also should be reformed. The main point about future financial is welfare of culture and sports, to invest according to the basic functions of sports institutions, focus on strengthen the mass sports infrastructure. To change the input mode of the sports public welfare, to promote the formation of benign management office operating mechanism to promote public sports service quality and efficiency. To change the way of the input for pro bono sports, and promote the benign operation mechanism, management office and a quality and efficiency public sports service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Transition, Sports administrative functions, Function change
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