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Based On Shanghai City College Counselor Competence Of Student Evaluation Of Research

Posted on:2013-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330374977568Subject:Higher Education
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National Long-term Education Reform and Development Planputs forward that “educating people should be regarded as thefundamental requirement for education” and Long-term EducationReform and Development Plan of Shanghai proposed the coreconcept that “for the life-long development of each student”.Teachersand students are two basic subjects of the educational process, andcounselors are an important part of the teachers and the backbone ofthe organizers and perpetrators of ideological and political educationof college students and day-to-day management. According to theconcept “People-oriented, Student-oriented”, the needs andaspirations of students should be concerned. The purpose of this study isto do the counselor Competency Assessment and learn theirexpectations under the vision of the undergraduate college students atpresent, being in favor of the instructor team-building and furtherserving the students to growth. This paper use research methods ofliterature research and theoretical studies, formulating the framework ofcounselor competence and aspiration. Based on them, the writerdevelops a questionnaire.The main research questions are: how about the counselorcompetences under the vision of students in local universities ofshanghai? What is level of aspiration about counselors’ role, the type,age, work responsibilities and interpersonal aspiration under the vision ofstudents in local universities of shanghai? Students gender, grade level,political affiliation will affect the expectations for counselor? It will affectthe expectations for counselor that whether the student leaders andonly child or not?The evaluation of counselor competency is relatively high. Interms of knowledge, they are lack of employment knowledge and comprehensive knowledge; In terms of ability, the communicationability, language ability, employment guidance counseling ability isrelatively weak; in occupation attitude and quality, the evaluation ofstudents love students rated highest, while the counselors understandthe student evaluation of the minimum; in terms of counselorcharacteristics, the characteristic of passion is rated highest, while thehumor is rated lowest.Students’ expectation for counselors is relatively high. The mostexpected character is “friends”, the most expected type is full-timecounselor, the age is under30, and the work experience is between1to5. In terms of the content of ideological and political education, themost expected is the topics of education on morals, philosophy andvalues; about the way, the most expected is to hold activities; studentsexpected the counselor provide the guidance about timemanagement and forming the good living habits. On the organizationand management, reward, discipline and scholarship assessment ismost expected. Students expect to get psychological counseling onthe human relations and training on employment knowledge and skills,the item “to be strict with the students” is relatively low. On the qualitiesof counselors, the aspiration for fair is highest.This study mainly researches systematically the problemsexisting in counselor’s work by students’ angle, reflects thecontemporary College Students’ expectations and demands oncounselor’s, and strengthens the construction of instructors adapting tothe development needs of students, which has the innovationsignificance.
Keywords/Search Tags:student assessment, competence, studentsexpectation, the construction, of counselor
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