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Study On How To Broaden The Financing Channels Of China’s Sports Industry

Posted on:2013-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the successful organization of major sporting events in recent years, the Beijing Olympic Games, Asian Games in Guangzhou, Shenzhen Universiade, the sports industry flourished in China, showing a picture of prosperity. Sports industry, with a wide range of associated environmental protection, labor-intensive and no borders barriers and many other features, is one of the most promising industry in the21st century. But compared with the development of foreign sports industry, the development of China’s sports industry is far from adequate. The development process still has many problems. Among these problems, narrow investment and financing channels is an important factor what restricts the development of China’s sports industry.Research on how to expand the sports industry investment and financing aspects of the article are deficient. In these merely research; most articles are concentrated on describing one method to expand the investment and financing channels of sports industry. How to broaden the investment and financing channels of china sports industry is one important topic. In order to attain this aim, this paper firstly sorted relative theories and related issues. Secondly, analyze and compare studies of china sport industry development to other country. Based on existing research results, this paper mainly uses literature research method and comparative research method. This paper gives some comprehensive suggestions on how to broaden investment and financing channels of China’s sports industry. As to these suggestions, this paper respectively analyzed from three aspects, which are status quo, strategy and effects. These suggestions are some strategies such as accelerating the sports industry-related companies listed on the pace, vigorously developing the sports lottery industry, and increasing the venture investment on sports industry and so on. This paper also gives a brief description of the idea on the establishment of national financial institutions to sports industry, the establishment of investment fund of sports industry, and the development of sports industry in the bond market. I hope these suggestions can make a comprehensive and multi-channel sports industry investment and financing system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sports Industry, Investment and Bailout, Stock Market, SportsLottery, Venture Investment
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