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Restricting Factors Of Middle School Basketball Player Training Mechanism

Posted on:2013-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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the achievements from the past sessions of the Chinese national team to participate in international competition and China’s professional basketball league (CBA), flourished University Basketball Association (CUBA) and Li Ning Cup Basketball League at all levels understand the current development of basketball new challenges for the situation of China’s basketball talent reserves. In order to develop more integration with the international basketball talent, the training mechanism to the current middle school students basketball player as the background, combined with the new era on the train back-up basketball talent requirements to restrict the factors of high school basketball players training mechanism for entry point. The use of literature, expert consultation, questionnaire, and mathematical statistics, logical reasoning and other research methods, analysis of constraints of the institutional factors that exist in high school basketball players training. Summarize the main conclusions of full text research: An education management system factors(1) Educational management,.As most high school students are in the golden age of learning and cultural knowledge, mainly the following aspects:the contradictions of learning and training, students issued a miscellaneous mass base is not wide enough.(2) Training mechanismInstitutional aspects of the main problems are:high school basketball league system lag, basketball players training to the lack of relevant systems, training objectives are not clear in the general promotion of the context of the record of the Chinese national team in international competitions and basketball in our country, culture, League background accumulation.(3) The competition mechanismAlthough access to the1990s, our country Students’ League also further development of the national league are carried out in full swing, but many problems still exist, restricting the cultivation of high school basketball athletes, the survey showed that the main problems are:the participating units limited league goals are not clear, unreasonable Competition Rules, rule factors, irrational schedule.(4)Training institutional factorsInvestigation, due to the lack of laws and regulations of our country on the coaches, resulting in a lot of middle school coaches only replaced by the ordinary physical education teacher, or to hire a retired professional basketball player. Basketball professional training, lack of knowledge and experience makes the coaches not good arrangements for the training of secondary school students basketball. The main problem in the daily training of high school basketball players:Basketball training content and methods missing, lack of special training volume and intensity training schedule is unreasonable, training objectives are not clear.(5) Protection mechanism factorsThe survey shows that a common problem in the construction of many high school basketball team:the shortage of funds, lack of or inadequate hardware and software facilities, lack of logistical.6. Factors interoperability between the status quoAt present, China in the training and management of secondary school students basketball player has achieved some improvement, but there are a lot of lack of system is not perfect, resulting in a high school basketball players in China train mechanism is not perfect, did not reach a better mutual cooperation between the various system jointly play a role in the purpose. Training system can not co-ordinate the overall situation, factors closely related to the education and management, competition, training and high school basketball players can not be a good blend together to form a healthy high school basketball players training atmosphere.
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