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Problems Setting Up The Run By The Local People In Yunnan Higher Vocational Professional Research

Posted on:2012-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The private higher vocational education as an indispensable force of theeducational system in our country, has developed rapidly over the past20-odd yearsout of nothing, not only in school quality, but also in school structures, levels andteaching characteristics. Especially, along with the process of popularizing higheducations has accelerated, private higher vocational education plays an importantrole. At the present,private higher vocational education is more and more recognizedby the public. But, a coin has two sides, private higher vocational education is facedwith many problems, such as low-grade teaching equipment、inferior teaching qualityand poor school management and so on.The private higher vocational education in Yunnan Province has developedover twenty years and set up certain foundation. It appears some great privatehigher vocational schools after <the law of private education promotion> has putinto practice. The governments of Yunnan Province and Department ofeducation have published some policies to urge private higher vocationaleducation. But it is an obstacle for the development of the private highervocational education. How to inject strong development motive force for theprivate higher vocational education, the major setting is very important subject.This article researches the present conditions of the private higher vocationaleducation in Yunnan Province, analyzes its existing problems in major setting. andprovides some countermeasures and suggestions.This research is divided into four parts.Part one, clarifies the basic concept, character and signification of the privatehigher vocational education, supply the theory foundation for this article.Part two, researches the present situation of the private higher vocationaleducation in Yunnan. analysis the data and questionnaire.Part three, According to the data and questionnaire of the private highervocational education in Yunnan. analyzes its existing problems in major setting.Part four, the article put forward some countermeasures and suggestions so as to change present situation of the private higher vocational education in Yunnan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private higher vocational education, major setting, Yunnan
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