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Love And Marriage Education Of College Students

Posted on:2013-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330392953516Subject:Marxist theory
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Love and marriage problem of college students is a very sensitive topic,whichnot only relates with students’ healthy growth,but also relates with peace and stabilityof school and family well-being and and social harmony. Due to the rapidsocial-economic development, especially the profound changes in the situation ofhigher education, Ministry of Education revised the college entrance requirements in2001,which released age and marriage restrictions, as the ordinary college studentregulation amended in2005lifted Marriage Ban,Population and Family PlanningCommission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Security in2007promulgatedon the views of the colleges and universities students in family planning issues,whichcancelled fertility ban in it. The introduction of this series of policy measures, notonly to further rationalize the relationship between education regulations andnational laws, but also fully embodies the whole community should respect thelegitimate rights and interests of college students and care. The survey shows that inrecent years, although college students in marriage and child rearing is extremelyrare, but uncivilized phenomenon of love, cohabitation, mixed dating, casual sexincreased significantly, due to love self-mutilation, suicide phenomenon sometimesoccurred, not only affected physical and mentalhealth and all-round development ofthemselves, but also generated pressure security and stability of college. Manycolleges and universities timely cancelled the relevant rules and regulations ofmarrige prohibition on college students, but which did not according to the marriageof college students increasingly living, the normalization of the situation and changethe philosophy of the education, improve the educational content to enrich theeducational carrier, a sound education mechanismthis indulgence even to a certainextent contributed to the Students uncivilized love behavior. Love and marriageeducation marriage education of collegestudents is an important aspect of humansocial practices, but also an important component of the ideological and politicaleducation department. In the current university’s ideological and political education, love and marriage education is in a weak state from theory to practice, the lack andfatigue of education is not conducive to the effect of ideological and politicaleducation and the college students’ all-round development.Therefore, enhancing loveand marriage education of college students is in favor of improving comprehensive ofideological and political education and guiding students to establish correct values onlove, marriage, fertility, family, properly handle the marriage and career, therelationship between reality and the futurethe long-term and urgent task before us.
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