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A Study On Non-state Higher Education Quality Guarantee System In Russian Since1990s

Posted on:2013-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y GengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395472032Subject:Comparative Education
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With the upheaval in Eastern Europe and the collapse of the Soviet Union,Russian society has undergone a dramatic transformation, whose economy, politics,culture and other aspects of Russia have occurred fundamental changes. However,these changes have a varying effect upon education, especially for higher education.Higher education system of Russia has thus undergone a qualitative change, whosenational university is no longer only a base for training senior personnel for thecountry, and is no longer the only one that can meet the different educational needsfor graduates. Non-national universities have revived and its size and the number aregrowing, which displays its strong vitality. In this thesis, by the study on non-nationalhigher education quality assurance system, on the one hand, the development ofnon-national universities is introduced, and on the other hand, the security systemcharacteristics are analyzed so as to provide a little inspiration for the development ofChina’s private universities and make them look for opportunities to come out of theirdevelopment route in China’s transition period.This thesis includes four chapters, the structure and substance of each chapter areas follows:The first chapter points out the existence of educational quality problem of thenon-national university in Russia after the transformation, mainly including fouraspects. Through the analysis of these problems, we can find that the quality ofeducation is the foundation of the college survival and development, and is the lifelineof a university to keep its social status and reputation. Therefore, looking for solutionsof these problems has an important practical significance for the future developmentof the non-national university.The second chapter discusses the necessity of the existence of non-national highereducation quality assurance system from five aspects, which is the reason forprotecting the quality of education of non-national universities. Through thediscussion of each aspect, we can find that the existence of non-state universities inRussia is not accidental, and its existence has the historical meaning and rationality.The deep discussion on five points from the side reflects the important meaning ofnational universities in Russian higher education system, and its role on the nation,the society and individual is irreplaceable.The third chapter is the focus of this thesis. This chapter describes the contents of non-national higher education quality assurance system, which consists of threecomponents: human security, financial security, and information security. And eachpart includes more specific security content. Security system ensures theimplementation of the protection on the educational quality of non-nationaluniversities and has an effect on the improvement of educational quality ofnon-national universities.The fourth chapter analyzes the characteristics of the non-national highereducation quality assurance system, which includes three features: systemconsummation, diversified value orientation, and the multi-functional assessmentsubject. System consummation is helpful for playing its full role in safeguarding ofnon-national higher education quality. Diversified value orientation can reflect thedemocracy and objectivity of the security system. The multi-functional assessmentsubject reflects the comprehensive monitoring of the quality of higher education, thusit is benefit for non-national universities continue to adjust their developmentdirection and realize the qualitative leap.
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