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Philosophical Reflection On Modern Of Educational Technology

Posted on:2013-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395967062Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Modern education technology is an important symbol of educationmodernization,it is the combination of the modern education theory,modern education idea and advanced science and technology.The ultimategoal of modern education technology is to achieve optimal teaching andrealize human’s comprehensive development.Modern education technologyis with amazing speed permeate every field of education and teaching,impacted on every link of teaching all-round,produced great impact andfar-reaching influence on traditional teaching.Whether education ideas,education concept,or the model of teaching produces a profound revolution.Since1963AECT(Association for Communication and Technology,the American public education dissemination and Technology Association)put forward the first education technical definition,general education andtechnical workers within education technology around some of the basictheory problem perseverant.This article through to comb the achievementsof education technology areas has already made,summarized the researchfor education technology past scholars of several main focus,such as:concept connotation and denotation,research object,subject orientation, subject logic starting point and system construction,etc.It can be found thatmodern education technology of previous scholars pay not enough attentionto people (here mainly refers to students), lack of systemsresearch. Therefore, this article based on the dialectical materialismphilosophy, to education philosophy and techniques philosophy as atheoretical guide, modern education technology concept from thephilosophical thinking and modern education technology practicephilosophy thinking,to make a comprehensive,in-depth and rationaldiscussion and thinking,so that the modern education technology andmodern education teaching practice organic combination,people-oriented,pay more attention to the“people”the main body status of play.The articleis divided into three parts:The first part,the problem was proposed.Through to the moderneducation technology areas achievements of collecting,sorting,combprevious education technology scholars on the focus of attention,and findproblems:that is modern education technology in previous research fields,to “person”(including teachers and students) attention, researchachievements,and lack of systematic rarely.Thus,this paper attempts tobase on“people”the main body status of modern education technology,make more in-depth exploration and research.The second part,concept of modern educational technologies ofphilosophy.Emphasize only the modern education technology set scientific view,give its value a reasonable position,grasps the objective of actualapplication concept,so that can play its full role.The third part,modern education technology practice philosophythinking.Mainly aimed at education teaching practice how better to play therole of modern education technology,optimize the teaching,realize theall-round development of man’s ultimate objective....
Keywords/Search Tags:Technology, Modern Education Technology, Philosophy
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