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The Research Of Higher Vocational Colleges Sports Events To The Student The Influence Of Leadership

Posted on:2013-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330395980140Subject:(degree of physical education and training)
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In the development of globalization today, the competition between countries is ultimately talent competition. College students are the foundation of the development of national talent and hope, the modern enterprise employees to demand more and more leadership. The school is the epitome of society, is the place of understanding reality students, to the students’self accumulation, self-improvement and self development to have the important role. The school also more and more importance to the cultivation of students’ leadership. In the society of students participate in theory have positive role in promoting leadership, on the basis of the higher vocational colleges in this paper, the sports events to the student the effect of leadership.In this paper, the Hunan Changsha vocational college of science and technology and environmental protection professional college two schools of80students as the research subjects, the research methods of literature study, questionnaire, experimental method for sports events of vocational students’leadership role. The experiment shows that the students leadership to the amount of the score table, measurement and measured before after had significant differences (P=0.046, P<0.05) indicates that the sports events can improve students’ participation in the leadership. Five components from the leadership of the table before and after that, individual table, both present significant difference, but the differences of various specific indicators on business performance opposite sex, explain each index of the change is not consistent.In order to strengthen the sports events to the student the promoting function of leadership development, this study further discusses the main measures to strengthen students’ leadership:Through the short-term training to improve the students’ leadership, strengthening students’ consciousness of leadership, through the students with different jobs in the game to strengthen the students’ leadership rotation. Through the study of theoretical knowledge good solid theoretical foundation, again in practice consolidate their leadership. From the knowledge, psychological, practice three aspects to improve the students’ ability of organizing and commanding. Carried out in a planned way, the cultivation of multi-channel approaches and training, is to improve public relations coordination necessary means. Puts forward the idea of the problems, we look for creative solution to the problem, or many people together, common expression of the solution of the problem about way, can promote students’ personal leadership innovation ability. More exercise, through the practice of the theory of strengthening improve leader the influence power ability.
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