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The Comparing Of Different Anxiety Type College Graduates’Career Indecision And The Relationship Between Self-efficacy And Career Decision-making

Posted on:2014-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330398484439Subject:Development and educational psychology
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A career decision of college graduates is an important decision which relate to their personal development and career direction. In this decision-making process, the individual will be varieties of psychological and behavioral problems, including career indecision as an important issue. Among the many factors that affect of graduates’ career indecision, both of the anxiety situation and career decision-making self-efficacy are very important. There is a close relationship between them with the situation of college graduates’career indecision.This study following the ideas of "theoretical analysis-revised questionnaire-actual investigation-discuss relationship", revise the Occupational Factor Questionnaire (CFI), investigate the structure of the questionnaire through exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. On this basis, we use the revision of the Occupational Factor Questionnaire (CFI Chinese revision),"state-Trait Anxiety Inventory"(STAI), and "college students career decision-making self-Efficacy Scale "(CDMSE Chinese revision) as a measurement tool, to survey830college graduates in Sichuan and Chongqing. We studying the situation of career indecision of types of college graduates’ anxiety and the role of career decision-making self-efficacy, to explore the affect of state anxiety and trait anxiety were pending on the development of career indecision and emotional obstacles of career indecision, and the intermediary role of career decision-making self-efficacy. According to the statistical analysis of the information collected, we can draw the following conclusion:1. The Occupational Factor Questionnaire includes four dimensions, which was divided into the development career indecision and emotional barriers career indecision two categories with a total of21projects. The revised questionnaire has good reliability and validity, as assessment tool of college graduates’career indecision situation in our cultural context.2.From the view point of overall, this stage of college graduates are showing a different degree of career indecision, and the gap between the highest score and the lowest score is large, having the tendency of extreme distribution.3. The career indecision of the graduates show varying degrees of significant differences in gender, educational background, professional and source place. The specific performance:(1)Career indecision of girls significantly higher than boys;(2)The overall score of career indecision of Graduates as well as the scores of emotional obstacles of career indecision were higher than undergraduate;(3)The score in career indecision and multiple dimensions of liberal arts students significantly higher than those of science students;(4)The overall score of college graduates from the cities in the career indecision was significantly lower than the graduates of the towns and villages, mainly focused on two dimensions of developmental of career indecision,"the needs of career information" and" the needs of self-understanding ".4. The anxiety of college graduates showing significant differences on educational background. Due to the different academic levels and the continuous expansion of the social demand for highly educated, undergraduate confronted with greater pressure on employment and prospects, so their levels of anxiety slightly higher than the graduate.5. Graduates in these three factors have significant differences in career decision-making self-efficacy which including the professional and source place:the liberal arts students’career decision-making self-efficacy and the dimension of the score are higher than science students. Meanwhile, in the total score as well as dimensions of career decision-making self-efficacy, students of college graduates from the township has the lowest score, which show significant differences with the urban of biogenic and rural students.6. There is significant positive correlation between the college graduates’trait anxiety and each dimension of emotional obstacles of career indecision.That is to say the higher level of trait anxiety, the higher degree of emotional obstacles of career indecision.In addition, there is also a significant positive correlation between the state anxieties with each dimension of the development of career indecision. That is to say the higher level of state anxiety, the higher degree of development of career indecision 7. There is a significant positive correlation of graduates between the level of anxiety and the degree of career indecision. That is the higher level of graduates, the higher degree of their career indecision. At the same time, career decision-making self-efficacy have intermediary role between them.
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