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Secondary Vocational School Teacher Professional Development And Research

Posted on:2014-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of The Times and the advancement of science and technology, therequirement of teacher’s professional ability from society and family is also growing up.Accordingly, with the deepness of the reform of vocational education, the construction ofteachers team is getting standardized and scientific, building a teacher team which have highprofessional quality and the scientific methods of management is meaningful to the developmentof technology talents in our country. The professional abilities of the teacher in secondaryvocational school gradually become the important research object to the academia and educationdepartment. Face new requirements and education idea, the teacher in charge in the secondaryvocational school should actively promote professionalism, professional development, conformto the trend of the development of the education, grasp the pulse times, by the high quality ofeducation as the goal, and realize the good development of secondary vocational students.There are many subjects in recent years, the study of the head teacher professional, but theproblems of secondary vocational school class teacher professional researchers rarely.Professional ability is the inevitable requirement of teacher professional ability and professional,is the key of the head teacher professional development mature. To Qingdao foreign affairsservice school as an example in this article, from the questionnaire survey, this paper throughfield sampling and analyzing the current situation of teacher professional ability, combining withthe Qingdao foreign affairs service class head teacher in school management, teachermanagement and class management mode, the problems of analysis in the secondary vocationalschool teacher in charge’s professional ability, and improve the effectiveness of the teacher incharge work measures and solutions in the work, for the secondary vocational school teacher incharge of Qingdao professional ability...
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary Vocational education, The teacher in charge, Specialization
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