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Research On Problems And Suggested Solutions To Specialty Construction Of E-commerce In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2014-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330398982547Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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With the development of ear, the value of network economy is seemingly evident, e-commerce is becoming an important platform of business in the information society. The demands of e-commerce professionals increase rapidly along with rapid development of social and economic network. Secondary vocational schools as the applied talents base which aim to train their students with primary skills to service in the frontline of production, construction and management, have both opportunities and challenges on the construction of e-commerce major while facing the robust growth momentum of e-commerce market. On the one hand, the shortages of e-commerce professionals create a good employment situation for e-commerce major of secondary vocational schools, reduce the opportunity costs from school to enterprise and stimulate the development of e-commerce major. On the other hand, compare with higher vocational schools, some related majors in secondary vocational schools are uncompetitive because of the limitation of teaching resources and students resources, so the construction of e-commerce major in higher vocational schools and secondary vocational schools both have correlation and specificity. If secondary vocational schools are unable to position well for their majors, their students not only can’t master research and development ability, even the basic application ability can’t well master. Therefore, this study chooses the construction of e-commerce major in secondary vocational schools as the research problem.Through the integrated use of research methods, such as literature method, investigation method and observation method, and so on, this study attempt to summarize the research actuality of e-commerce major construction in secondary vocational schools, reveal the problems on the process of e-commerce construction and advance some strategies. Focusing on the above three targets, this paper analyze the construction of e-commerce major in secondary vocational schools respectively form specialty set-up, specialty curriculum construction, specialty teachers construction, specialty base construction and specialty evaluation by self-made questionnaires <the questionnaires of actuality of e-commerce major construction in secondary vocational schools>,and make a necessary reliability and validity analysis. By stratifying24secondary vocational schools which set up e-commerce major among168secondary vocational schools in Chongqing and randomly selecting6secondary vocational schools as respondents, then based on the statistic analysis of findings, draw the following conclusions:firstly, the specialty position of e-commerce in secondary vocational schools lack of the holistic view, narrowing the function and connotation of vocational education; secondly, the specialty curriculum construction of e-commerce in secondary vocational schools lack of systematicness, the validity of knowledge construction is lower; thirdly, the specialty teacher staff construction of e-commerce in secondary vocational schools lack of "strength", the "delayed effect" of teachers development are not enough; fourthly, the specialty training base construction of e-commerce in secondary vocational schools develop slowly, students practical operation ability is affected; fifthly, the evaluation mechanism of e-commerce major in secondary vocational schools has little effect, the power system of major development is fatigued and weak.The study results reveal a series of problems exist in the construction of e-commerce major in secondary vocational schools, which cause a lot of negative effects on the development of e-commerce major construction. This research provides a series of corresponding optimization strategies on the basis of summarizing and reflecting of those problems. That is, firstly, building the e-commerce talents training mode of bi-directional driving for demand and supply, meet the two-way requirement for market demand and students development; secondly, implement e-commerce major clustering curriculum construction of the key ability and vocational ability coordinated development, strengthen the systematicness and validity of knowledge construction; thirdly, accomplish the professionalization of e-commerce teachers development by combined effect of teaching, studying, operating and researching; fourthly, exploit extramural functions of e-commerce training base, satisfy the training requirement of students; fifthly, start the evaluation system of multi-collaboration, improve the normalization and validity of evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:specialty construction, e-commerce, secondary vocational schools
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