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The Design Of Steel Cord Cutting Machine Control System

Posted on:2013-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2248330371496827Subject:Control Engineering
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The tires, which are currently used in various industries, have two categories:bias tires and radial tires. Because radial tire has the small rolling resistance, large load capacity and many other advantages, so it is used more and more widely. The belt of radial tire is the production of15°to75°steel cord cutting machine, and it is the main part of the radial tire, the quality of which will directly determine the radial tire is good or bad. This paper take15°to75°steel cord cutting machine of a private rubber enterprise as the core, which explain in detail the background knowledge, the analysis of principle, the design of electrical control system and PLC control system for this equipment.First of all this paper introduces the background knowledge of the production line, then compares and analyzes15°to75°steel cord cutting machine at home and abroad. in order to understand the role and value of steel cord cutting machine more deeply, this paper summarizes the classification and production technology of the tire, and analyzes the specific role of the belt. Then this paper analyzes the principle of every device for15°to75°steel cord cutting machine in detail. And electrical control system for the production line is designed, including the electrical schematic and process design of the entire production line. At last this paper explains the hardware selection and program design of the PLC control system, and the configuration interface of GOT is also designed.After the completion of the programs and HMI for this project they are debugged on the PC simulation first of all, including linkage offline debugging between configuration interface and PLC program. Through on-site commissioning, production line can run well in the manual mode, the local auto mode and the full range of automatic mode, which achieves the process requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:15°to75°Steel Cord Cutting Machine, PLC, Intelligent Modules, CC-Link, Graphic Operating Terminal (GOT)
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