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Development Of Plc Controling System Based On QD75P Positioning Module For Machine Of Flap Disc

Posted on:2013-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371995570Subject:Materials Processing Engineering
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Flap-disc-machine that is applied to produce flap disc is an automatic equipment, which is widely used in flap-disc-making industry because of its high production efficiency and stable performance of its products. The machine has not been localizedly produced and applied. Since domestic adhesive can’t be applied in imported flap-disc-machine all the time and domestic labor cost is low, many enterprises in china do not reserch and develope binder and flap disc machine which make the machine have no localization research and manufacturing. With the increase of domestic labor costs and the enhance of the production efficiency of foreign flap disc, domestic enterprises that make flap disc want to reduce the production cost only by carrying out technology innovation to improve productivity. One enterprise which successfully researches and developes the binder of flap disc,decides to develope flap-disc-cprototype-machine with the cooperation of welding institute of southwest jiaotong university to fill the the blank of domestic automatically making flap disc.The flap disc machine contains seven stations:feeding station、measuring station、 droping blinder station、placing discs station、rolling station、tidying station and getting products station. The central big plate’s intermittent rotation constitutes the production line. After the central big plate stops, each station begins to work.In the development of controling system of the flap-disc-machine, using highly performancing CPU of mitsubishi Q series、precise A/D conversion module、QD75P positioning module、servo motor of mitsubishi HF series and other advanced industrial controlling technology, designed the whole controling system scheme of the flap disc machine. PLC、positioning control components、servo motors and sensors were configurated; the flowing charts and procedures of each station were reasonably designed and the better parameters were set. The controling system after commissioning, realizes the target of precisely positioning and highly speeding response, in addition hardware and software of controling system has stable performance. After successfully testing, the flap-disc-cprototype-machine that can normally operate is running for a long time, which shows that the machine can produce products of98%qualified rate. The machine can produce15pieces of products per minute, wich guarantees the stability of the products, improves the efficiency for processing, and paves the way of mass production to realize the expected object.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flap-disc-machine, QD75P, QPLC
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