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The Design Of Smart Home Based On Zigbee And Ethernet

Posted on:2013-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371997133Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Smart Home system is a kind of system introducing technology such as home automation and remote control to traditional housing environments. Precently, most systems have problems in wiring and services or have a high price.To solve these problems, this paper introduces a Smart Home system based on Zigbee and Ethernet. The system consists of sensor nodes, gateway node and remote control client. Sensor nodes and gateway node make up a home network through Zigbee communication. The home network can be accessed and controlled by remote control client through Ethernet.(1) Sensor nodes can be defined as temperature and humidity monitor node, light and music control node, security monitor node or voice and gesture control node:temperature and humidity monitor node is responsible for temperature and humidity monitor,which is accomplished by STH11; light and music control node can change the effect of light and music by operating the relay; security monitor node respond to alert of invasion and fire sent out by infrared sensor module and smoke sensor; voice and gesture control node is designed for personalized control, such as gesture recognition realized by accelerometer MXC6202and voice recognition realized by LD3320.sensor nodes use CC2530as Zigbee communication module and micro controller.(2) Gateway node is made up of control module, Ethernet control module, Image acquisition module and Zigbee module:LPC2138control module control the run of gate node and process data; W5300Ethernet control module provides an Ethernet interface; OV7670image acquisition module carries out video surveillance; Zigbee module is designed for communication with sensor nodes.(3) Remote control client is a PC running Smart Home monitoring program, which can have access to the Smart Home system and control or record it. The Smart Home monitoring program consists of main window, debug window, login window and system log.This paper completes the following work:first, requirement analysis and overall design; then, the hardware design and driver design of nodes in detail, and the software design of Smart Home monitoring program; at last, test of nodes and modules.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart Home, Zigbee, Ethernet
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