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Research On Control Technologies Of The System With Large-Travel And High-Precision

Posted on:2013-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371999470Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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Large-travel and high-precision positioning technology plays a very important role in many science and technology fields, such as astrophysics, synchrotron radiation engineering, laser nuclear upheaval and so on. Meanwhile, as the development of biological chip technology, biomedical engineering, large scale integrated circuit manufacturing and diffraction grating ruling machine manufacturing, the requirement on working travel and positioning accuracy of large-travel and high-precision positioning workbench grows. Therefore, this dissertation investigated the design of the control system of the inside and outside stage precise positioning and the computer-controlled software.Firstly, there is a brief introduction of the structure of the macro/micro dual-drive workbench, and simplified the structure of the inside and outside stage. Some mathmatical models are established by ignoring different factors. Experiment and simulation identification was done in order to choose a model which is more closer to the reality system.The whole system of large-travel and high-precision positioning is very complex, so it is necessary to design a control algorithm which has good adaptability. Through analyzing the single neuron PID control theory and parameters adjustment, the relevant control simulation was done. And, generalized least variance self-revised regulator was researched.Then, this dissertation introduced the writing ideas, program structure and module function of the computer-controlled software in order to avoid interference.The control system of large-travel and high-precision positioning needs human control in the process of debugging. The computer-controlled software measures data and controls workbench in the practical work through serial ports and PCI interface.Finally, a lot of experimental results are analyzed. By adjusting the single neuron PID control parameters and improving the piezoelectric ceramic control communication speed, the positioning accuracy is improved and high accuracy can be achieved.
Keywords/Search Tags:large-travel and high-precision positioning, diffraction grating rulingmachines, macro/micro dual-drive, the signle neuron PID control, generalized leastvariance self-revised regulator
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