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Fc San Protocol Analysis And Fault Diagnosis System Research And Implementation

Posted on:2013-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330374485613Subject:Communication and Information System
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Information age has arrived with the fast development of Internet.A great numberof data in Internet has become an urgent problem that should be solved as soon aspossible. But the tradition network could not meet this requirement. Under thiscircumstance, Store Area Net is proposed naturally. SAN adopts Faber Channeltechnology to make the fast reading and writing date come true. Because a large numberof important data, server, routing devices and storing devices are all in the samenetwork, a small fault may result in the decreasing of the performance or some seriousconsequence. So it is important to monitor SAN and to detect potential problems in time.This software system is designed based on this requirement.The system mainly includes two parts: protocol analysis part and fault diagnosispart. As it is designed mainly for FC SAN, the data which is analyzed is a variety of FCdata packet. The system also involves other functions, such as monitoring link speechand the state of active port. As well as, through this part, users can find data packetswhich they are interested or filter the data packets they are not needed or classify thedata packets. We research and learn from Expert System to designed fault diagnosis part.It mainly detects fault, and then explains its phenomenon and reason. Also, it displaystopology and performance of reading and writing data packets. This part chieflyincludes fault knowledge base and comprehensive knowledge base. Both are designedby using of SQLite data base. The two parts can not only be used separately, but alsocan be used in conjunction with each other. The system has the function of real-timeanalysis, and can work offline.In this paper, I introduce background of the subject and some related theories in thefirst two chapters. Then we focus on the two parts for specific researches, design andimplementation. At last, we build test environment to test the function of this softwaresystem. The results show that the software system can work correctly and effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Storage Area Network, Fiber Channel, Protocol Analysis, Fault Diagnosis
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