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Research Based On Zigbee Smart Home Control System

Posted on:2013-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330374976991Subject:Communication and Information System
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According to rapid development of technology and economic,people pursue higher quality of life and living environment. Not onlypeople have more requirement of living space and family equipments,but also they wish home life become more intelligent, secure andconvenient. Smart home arises at that moment in this background. Itmakes family equipments networking, controlling family internalnetwork with communication and embedded technology. And it cancommunicate with external network at the same time. The birth of smarthome improves comfort, safety and convenience of peoples’ life.This article takes the smart home as the research object andcombines function and characteristic of smart home. Launch theresearch on Embedded Platform of ARM, ZigBee protocol, networktopology, hardware and software design of gateway and sensor nodesand so on. Main contents and innovation of this paper are illustrated asfollows:1)According to the feature of smart home’s control system,analyzing and compare current wireless network technology, this articletakes ZigBee technology as internal network communication mean insmart home control system. Researching the ZigBee protocolarchitecture and function of each protocol layer to lay a theoreticalfoundation for the design of the following.2)Based on the modular design ideas, using CC2530as the coreprocessor design smart home system core module. And on this basis,add power, sensors, LED lights, buttons, LCD display, serial and otherfunctional modules, completed the coordinator and ZigBee sensornode hardware design. The communication platform has greaterflexibility and scalability.3)Design the smart home control system with the ARM embedded gateway, ZigBee coordinator and ZigBee sensor nodes, and theexperiments show that: the system architecture is reasonable, stableand reliable.4)A new sensor node layout strategy is proposed, after analyzingthe reasons of high price and poor stability of existing smart homecontrol system. Combining the smart home lighting system and controlsystem together not only removes the limit of energy of control system,but also reduces the price of the whole system and improves thestability of the control network.
Keywords/Search Tags:ZigBee, Smart Home, Embedded Technology, CC2530, Mesh Network
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