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The Smart Home System Based On Arm And Zigbee Wireless Network In The Research And Design

Posted on:2012-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L S LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330374988321Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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Smart home is the development trend of the future home. It connects all kinds of electronic and electrical equipments at home by network to create a home intelligent management system, that consist of environment monitoring, security, network services and home automation system. The aim of smart home is that to provide people with a safe, comfortable, efficient and convenient living environment. However, smart home system in our country is in a developing stage, lacking uniform standards and authoritative products. In view of this condition, the paper designs the smart home system based on ARM and ZigBee wireless network.The paper describes the overall design of the smart home system and the specific hardware and software development, researches on the ZigBee network routing algorithm and improves it. Based on the smart home system requirements, ARM core OMAP3530and CC2430hardware platform based on ZigBee core are selected. OMAP3530processor is selected as a kernel, using Linux as embedded operating system, the web server Boa is set up after modifying and transplanting Linux system, the static monitor and control homepage and dynamic CGI interface program are written by the embedded CGI technology; And write the applications of ZigBee terminal and coordinator to build wireless network and achieve inter-network communication. After finishing the establishment of the whole system, users can login the monitor page of embedded web server by IE explorer of the remote PC, then inquire the home environment information, control the home appliances by clicking the button on the page. In order to extend the service life of the ZigBee wireless network, the paper researches on the ZigBee routing algorithm, proposes an improved routing algorithm based on the energy balance, through the NS2simulation and analysis, it is proved that the routing algorithm is effective.The paper tests the overall system performance through simulating the monitor of home enviroment in laboratory condition. The results indicate that the system achieves the anticipated design goal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart home, ZigBee, embedded Linux, Boa Web server, NS2
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