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The Design And Implementation Of Smart Home Base On Intelligent Village

Posted on:2012-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2248330392956662Subject:Software engineering
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With the development of computer network and embedded technology, as well as thepromoting of three nets fusion, the intelligent system has been gradually used inresidential area and home. Smart home makes home life more safety and reliable, efficientand convenient, comfortable and healthy. Intelligent residential technology in therealization cost greatly reduced, at the same time, people will never stop pursuit of the lifeof intelligent and comfortable change. Can be expected, the near future it will usher in thesmart home market prosperity and development stage. At the same time, smart hometechnology in our country there is still much room for development, there are a lot of workto do.This system through the embedded ARM as intelligent residential master controlplatform and single-chip microcomputer simulate household equipment, Master controlmodule implements household electrical appliances intelligent control, household safetymonitoring and security alarm signal receiving and control. External communications, forthe remote communication, use in embedded platform building Web server to realize thepages of household equipment‘s of remote control, and live in environmental monitoring,and on the page view abnormal alarm condition; For close communication, usingWindows Mobile phone Bluetooth controller. In the Mobile phone, through the WindowsMobile6.5simulator development Bluetooth control application, the program canunconditional transplants to the physical Windows Mobile phone. In embedded platform,through the Bluetooth module and the Bluetooth phone connection. Push the mobile phonebuttons and produce the control command. Bluetooth module change data with embeddedplatform. Embedded platform control module play the corresponding response.Through to the intelligence of the residence of the remote and short distancecommunication realizes, provides people with efficient and convenient environment thatoccupy the home.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart home, Boa webserver, Bluetooth Technology, Windows Mobile emulator
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