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Image Velocity-measurement System Research Based On The Linear CCD

Posted on:2013-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395987343Subject:Computer application technology
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The development of modern microelectronics technology has taken beingfresh blood for the image velocity field. Especially, image processing system canperform massive operation in a very short time.based on the image DSP technologyand the high-speed MCU.For the practical application purpose, in this paper, using CCD imagesensor and high resolution technical lens, to achieve the design of high-precision andgood real time image velocity-measuring system. Mobile’s velocity calculation can berealized through analysing the relative moving distance of feature region or featureedge in digital image that mirror the morphological characteristics of an object’ssurface. Paper give an account of the feature extraction principle of feature region orfeature edge in digital image based on the research that take spatial domain andfrequency domain filtering to better the effects of image thresholding.After introduced a system composition and operation principle ofvelocity-measuring system, there present a appropriate solution of subway trainvelocity-measuring system. Paper in the purpose of accelerating system’s rate andimproving the calculating method of velocity, that use the method of analysing therelative moving distance of window’s edge of subway train in one-dimensional calculate the subway train’s velocity. Detailed design: digital image signalcollection, digital image processing(image filter, window’s edge extraction), velocitycalculation method realizing; as well as actual measurement data analysis of velocityof subway train.
Keywords/Search Tags:image relative velocity-measurement, feature region, real-time&Highprecision, linear CCD, subway train velocity measurement
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