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The Research On Employee Stock Ownership Plans Of Bejing Window Of Ship Tecnology Co., Ltd.

Posted on:2013-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2249330371478005Subject:Business Administration
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This article is designed to solve the urgent problem that the author encountered in the practical work. At this stage, the internal management system of small and medium enterprises(SMEs) universality fall across the obstacle to enterprise development. The state-owned SMEs also troubled by this, especially in the people-oriented management process, the worker’s enthusiasm, the initiative is insufficient, enterprise and worker relations more and more closely, a serious impact on the survival and development of enterprises. Now, the global economic situation is tight, SMEs in a critical period of development, using more scientific management methods and means, progressing ownership structure of innovation, scientific management methods and means, the introduction of long-term incentive system, make great significance.The article is divided into five parts:The first part of this paper, the research background, research object, research ideas, research methods, research content are introduced.The second part introduces the basic situation of SMEs, and focuses on the basic situation of SMEs in China, and explains the importance of SMEs in the economic composition of the present stage, and analyses the internal and external difficulties in the development process.The third part introduces the basic theory of the ESOP by the numbers, and summarizes and analyses the ESOP in domestic and international practice. According to the basic information of Beijing window of ship Technology Co., Ltd.,.The fourth part designs the employee stock ownership program in feasibile through a trust model, underlying circumstances, combined with the relevant laws and regulations, and relevant experience to learn from demestic and abroad. The fifth part, the employee stock ownership plan was analyzed, the design theoretical basis, practical and operable.The article consults a large number of documents, organizes an effective argument, logically proves the feasibility and necessity of ESOP in Beijing window of ship Technology Co., Ltd.,Especially in the era of people-oriented, effective ESOP is able to give full play to each employees’initiative, enthusiasm and creativity will be able to achieve healthy and sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned SMEs, ESOP, trust, incentive system
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