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The Study Of Intellectual Property Mechanism In Corporation Technology Innovation Under The View Of STS

Posted on:2013-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2249330374971574Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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The development of the economy and the society is depending more and more on the knowledge creation and the technology innovation in the age of knowledge-abased economy,that the two factors are pushing the company and our country ahead heavily. Intellectual property is the protect for technology innovation,and how to strengthen and perfect this mechanism is the summon and great need in our time. And the mechanism which protect company technology innovation and intellectual property is a cross-cutting area among philosophy, economy, law, management. This paper put investigations into this mechanism in the systematic and comparative dimension, combined with the theoretical and practical method that based on STS, with the view of scientific philosophy.Firstly, this paper gave a revision on the relative theory of technological innovation and intellectual property to get a full appreciation of these two corrects and characters, and got the inter-effect relationship between these two.Technological innovation had an effect on the knowledge property of promoting the limit outside to a global sphere,pushing the change of law items. Otherwise, the latter one can had an effect of disputing materials,keeping balance of benefits,competion between companies, innovation encouragement,innobvation cooperation and technology spread on the formerone. Thirdly, the author made a transversal diversion comparative among the developed countries of America, Japan, South Korea which carry out the knowledge property mechanism correctly to get some edification for our country. Finally this paper analyzed the problem of our country’s intellectual property protect mechanism of our companies from a view of macro-institution and micro-operation. With the experience from the developed countries this paper gave some suggestion to our governors to take some issues to consummate the protect mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:STS, technology innovation, intellectual property, protect mechanism
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