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Study On Factors Affecting Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure Of Listed Companies In China

Posted on:2013-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the late1970s, under the background of the accelerating pace of reform and opening up, China’s socio-economic has been developed with a high speed, and the science and technology have obtained a great progress too. At the same time, we also have noticed this phenomenon, that with the rapid development of socio-economic, those natural resources are also being opened up infinitely. Due to the neglect of the environment, led to a series of increasingly serious environmental problems, these problems are manifested in the continuous depletion of natural resources, ecological aspects of the continuous deterioration of the environment and so on. In today’s21st century, when science and technology are highly developed, the deterioration of ecological environment has become one of the main factors which constrain the social and economic development. So, at this moment one of the major issue faced by every country is to find an optimal balance point between environmental protection and economic development which is also one of the focus of the majority of scholars. In order to find such best balance point, we must adhere to the idea of sustainable development.But, after proposing the sustainable development strategies, a new subject in the context of the strategies emerged and developed. which is the environment of accounting. But what is the meaning? It is a new branch of the modern accounting,and it will be closely linked the environmental protection with development,which is a bridge between the sides. The same time, it can not only promote their own development, as well as help to promote the national development of environmental protec. Meanwhile, the information disclosure of the environmental accounting is an important part of environmental accounting environmental disclosure, and we can see some environmental issues from it. For example how does the enterprise do to use and protect the environmental resources. how do these businesses do to control environmental pollution and take appropriate measures. Therefore, we must promote the subject-environmental accounting, do the information disclosure of the environmental accounting, fulfill environmental fiduciary duty, and strictly follow the sustainable development strategyHowever, the study and practice of it have global significance to the21st century, and this sense is reflected in all mankind as well as a country’s social and economic development. Because the21st century is the century of great development, not only manifested in the economic, technological, technical and other aspects, but also manifested in the pursuit of sustainable development.In this context, scholars at home and abroad are on the study of environmental accounting information disclosure. From the international point of view, like Europe and the United States, many developed countries and other scholars of this research is a multi-angle multi-faceted, and they have achieved fruitful results. China is no exception, under the trend of international economic integration and development of the Socialist market economy, in recent years we constantly absorbed and drew lessons from foreign advanced theory and practice for research, but compared with the foreign countries, there is inadequate in many respects, including the system of environmental accounting information disclosure, the contents and methods of environmental disclosure and environmental disclosure factors, which are incompatible with the reality of the level of productivity, lagging behind the speed of economic development in our society today. Because this research is only just getting started, in the initial stage, research is not sufficient nor perfect, so we must strengthen research efforts in the future. In practice, there is also a great difference in the extent of environmental disclosure in China with the foreign country.So we have to make breakthrough and progress in the theory and practice, then we can learn from the experience of foreign progress to develop and perfect the theory part, and based on China’s national conditions to analyze specific issues, and learn advanced theories, then make self-innovation and theory into practice. Therefore, from the perspective of this, scholars strengthen the environmental information disclosure issues in depth and comprehensive study that is of great theoretical significance, as in practice, it can provide theoretical support for corporate environmental accounting information disclosure.Furthermore, from our own national conditions and the standpoint, environmental problems can not be ignored, because environmental pollution is very serious and the task of environmental protection is very arduous task. Part of these environmental problems due to the rapid development of socio-economic, technological, technical, so the major companies are agreeable to promote the new subject, and make information disclosure of the environmental accounting. Look back on the past30years in China, although the economic development is rapid, and the productivity gradually also increases, we clearly can see the result of serious environmental problems. Perhaps in the development of the honeymoon period of the past few decades, we can not be significant to see the gradual deterioration of the ecological environment and environmental pollution has gradually spread the tragic story, but over time the environment has been gradually outbreak. Enterprises are the most important economic entities in a national organization, which is the main performer of the sustainable development strategy, in a pivotal position of the sustainable development process. But at the same time,they create social wealth and also seriously polluted the social environment with broader implications to the country’s socio-economic activities, which made a direct impact on the sustainable development of society. So, we can say this, profit maximization is important, but it is important to control environmental pollution and do everything we can to protect the environment, then must take the primary responsibility to the development of the countries of various economic indicators and the improvement of environmental quality aspects.The behavior of enterprises is a well concern of the outside world, since enterprises should play a major responsibility for the environmental pollution problems, their environmental information will be subject to public concern. Obviously, only through environmental disclosure, we can catch those information of business environment, for public, the disclosure of environmental accounting information has become one of the tools for people to understand the environmental information for the enterprise; for itself, also an important tool for forecasting and decision-making. Therefore, corporate environmental disclosure has important theoretical and practical significance, such significance which is not only to promote its own development, but also to meet the requirements of the stakeholders. In this regard, it is not only an academic question, and now has become an important factor which affects the healthy development of the ecological environment.In fact, we doubt many about China’s current situation, for example, what about the situation of environmental accounting information disclosure in China’s listed companies? What are the factors affecting the degree of listed companies in China? What measures should China in turn to take to solve the problems that exist in the current environmental disclosure? Next, we will examine environmental accounting information disclosure of listed companiesThe mainly goal of this article studies is the analysis on the heavy pollution profession of our country. What is the situation of the environmental accounting information of listed companies disclosed.What is the extent of disclosure. What is disclosed in.It is connected whether adapts with the social economy level.Whether it can make an important contribution in maintaining the cause of the State Environmental Protection.In accordance with the status, as well as disclosure of relevant literature analysis,we will identify major factors that impact on the environment of the disclosure of accounting information. Then, analyze the problems of this stage, propose appropriate countermeasures according to the problems and make conclusions and recommendations.In this paper, the method is quantitative and qualitative analysis, specification combining research and empirical studyIn order to have a more comprehensive.objective understanding and grasp of the environmental disclosure. First we made a brief introduction and synthesis about domestic and foreign literature and research results. Then we made a basic overview and a theoretical analysis of accounting information theory, such as:the theory of the sustainable development, information asymmetry,agency theory and game theory. Then based on literature review and the theoretical analysis above, we can get some of the factors which affect the environment accounting information disclosure, we can also make a brief analysis of these factors, such like this:firm size, profitability, sustainability, financial leverage, the proportion of shares the state owned,the which of fixed assets, ownership concentration and the management stake and then we proposed the corresponding eight suppositions. Soon, we select311shares of heavy polluting industries of listed companies in the Shanghai Stock Exchange as a sample. Carries on the consult and the analysis to these companies in2008-2010year continual three fiscal year annual report, do projects and methods of its environmental accounting information disclosed in the manual inspection, by which we can know the result and we can also make focus analysis on heavy polluting industries in China in terms of environmental accounting information disclosure of the specific situation of the company, combing with China’s national conditions and unique background, according to the mentioned theory, and the eight assumptions, in this, we have adopted environmental disclosure index as explanatory variables measure and assigns the explanatory variable for the below four big kinds of namely eight items:the first category is referred to as scale, including the variable size of the company; second category referred to as capacity, including the company’s profitability and development capacity in the third category is the degree category, including the extent of the liabilities and equity of the company’s concentration of the two variables; The fourth category is the proportion of classes, including three ratio of the proportion of state-owned shares, the proportion of fixed assets, ownership and management, then with the establishment of the corresponding model, and regression analysis of empirical research methods, in order to make the model of statistics and research significance, and can better accomplish the objectives mentioned above, we must pick out the most important of these eight factors influencing factors, select enforce access policy for regression, it is hard to pick out the important variables, since it is difficult to pick, so we only exclude a number of important variables to exclude those who do not, we exclude programs using stepwise regression. And then using SPSS software, the software can on related data for statistics and processing, and under needs to for related test, under test results eventually came new of model, due to some factors does not has statistics significance, so we will of excluded, last select has four a factors as in China at this stage heavy pollution industry environment accounting information disclosure index of effect factors is:company scale and summary out of three large ratio variable.Finally, based on the above analysis, we draw some conclusions, also found that there are a lot of problems, such as:environmental laws and regulations are not perfect; the extent of environmental disclosure is generally low:environmental disclosure content and modes of non-standard disclosure quality and disclosure of a single, and so on. Finally, according to the above problems, awe make conclusions related to the policies and proposals, such as:We should encourage listed companies to make voluntary environmental information disclosure and build related systems that is a combination of mandatory disclosure and voluntary disclosure of listed companies; establish and improve relevant laws and regulations system; make independent environmental report; improve the corporate governance structure, establish and improve relevant systems, such as performance evaluation, incentive and restraint system; improve the internal audit system. Of course, the article in research, there are still many shortcomings and deficiencies. Therefore, in order to progress of innovation in theory and practice, and it obtain a more complete system of which. We can not stop the pace of research and reduce the intensity of the study, From now on, we should make a comprehensive and profound study on accounting information disclosure of listed company environment, and this must be multi-angle, multi-faceted to assessment and analysis.
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