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Rural Credit Cooperatives Microfinance Model Improvement Scheme And Performance Evaluation In Shandong Province F City As An Example

Posted on:2013-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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How to solve the problem of farmers getting loans, has been the central focus of economic work in rural areas. From the microfinance practice at home and abroad of view, commercial microfinance to achieve steady profitable and sustainable development, the direction of development of the microfinance. Microfinance institutions in pursuit of their own economic benefit, and how to more effectively practice social responsibility, microfinance sustainable development issues must be addressed.A typical representative of the rural credit cooperatives as the commercialization of microfinance institutions in rural China, the changes of the external environment significantly affect its performance of the microfinance model. First, the theory and technology of microfinance is facing economic and social environment has changed. Construction of new rural community representatives, capital requirements brought about by the industrialization of agriculture to expand agricultural production, technological progress, increasingly fierce competitive environment in rural areas and changes in the economic and financial environment of traditional microfinance technology proposed new improvement requirements. Based on farmers’ loans, the market competition is inadequate agricultural production techniques behind the line of credit due to small the microfinance context theory and technology can not fully meet the needs of China in some areas farmers loans. Restricting the performance of microfinance to achieve the defects of existing microfinance technology. New rural construction, agricultural industrialization brought farmers to expand the demand for loans as well as complicity adverse selection caused by deficiencies in the system of group lending technology, the performance of microfinance achieve the new requirements. Changes in the competitive environment of the rural financial market. The joint-stock banks have to test the water of rural markets, as well as the emergence of new rural financial institutions in rural banks, small loan companies, high-end customer base of rural credit cooperatives (mainly rural species, raising large and individual business operators) to bring impact. In the same time, the level of competition has led to interest rate gradually decreased income covering the risks of operating principles to some extent reduce the rural credit cooperatives to win the interest to support the poorest customers the ability to affect the realization of the performance of microfinance; Fourth, interest rates gradually promote market-oriented, higher financial and operating costs a new challenge to the realization of the performance of microfinance on rural credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives, the urgent need to improve the existing micro-credit and risk warning technology.F rural credit cooperatives, the object of study, the first analysis of the F-rural micro credit demand and the development status, and focus on the design concept of the microfinance model of rural credit cooperatives and specific practices. Next, this article using the analytic hierarchy process and multi-objective decision analysis methods to build rural credit cooperatives microfinance model performance evaluation system, the sustainability of financial institutions, the farmers benefits and coverage of microfinance three dimensions to analyze the impact of rural credit social performance of microfinance factors. The analysis shows that the microfinance model performance is mainly affected by the loan interest rate, loan recovery rate institutions operating costs, farmers in agricultural production inputs, farmers credit assessment surface factors. Based on the above evaluation system, the performance of the F existing rural credit cooperatives, microfinance model to evaluate F City of rural credit cooperatives, microfinance practice, according to the rating results, combined with the paper then put forward specific recommendations for improvement:the implementation of the "pre-rating "credit model using the secondary indirect information verification technology, promote the the UNPROFOR body" secured mode, the to optimize internal assessment and accountability system. Finally, microfinance data with F City papers before and after the improvement of the performance of the commercial credit model empirical test. Practice shows that,"pre-rating credit system" in the case of not increased manpower, outlets of effective shielding his line competition the same time, short-term rapid improve farmers, especially poor farmers loans coverage, to further reduce the financial institutions operation costs; HSP the body guarantees mode and the secondary indirect information verification techniques can be effectively enhanced risk control mode, reducing the probability of occurrence of conspiracy, adverse selection, credit costs and other issues in group lending technology. Finally, the next step of the research direction is put forward.
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