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Evaluation Research Of The Listed Securities Of Companies Competitiveness

Posted on:2013-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R R WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2249330395984605Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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China’s securities industry for more than20years of development history, has experienced from weak to strong development process, its size and level of management have been developed by leaps and bounds. With the deepening of economic globalization, a number of large international investment bank to enter China’s securities market, the competitive pressures faced by the securities companies in China are growing wider, and therefore enhance the competitiveness of China’s securities companies a very important issue, the article will analyze in this area.Article focuses on the competitiveness of listed securities companies to evaluate the main line, using the progressive layers of the structure, in accordance with the proposed problem→literature review→establish an evaluation index system→an empirical study→to put forward suggestions of ideas, the use of qualitative analysis and quantitative researchthe method of combining research.The first part of the article, the first theory of competitiveness of enterprises as a starting point to define the connotation of the securities company’s competitiveness, and analyzes the four main factors affecting the competitiveness of the securities company and their relationships. The article securities company’s competitiveness is defined as:securities companies have in the market competition than their peers and competitors to provide better goods and services of the securities industry, with more market share to make their own sustained profitability and the development of a comprehensive strength. Respectively, from environmental factors, resource factors, the four angles of the capacity and institutional factors described the effect on the competitiveness of the securities company.The second part to select the evaluation, according to the theory of competitiveness of enterprises, the establishment of the initial evaluation index system contains24evaluation and through the excellent test results of the initial evaluation index system to its streamlining of indicators and correction, and eventually established a securities company consists of19evaluation competitiveness evaluation index system.The third part of listed securities companies, combined with the method of factor analysis to establish the listed securities of the company’s competitiveness evaluation model. and using factor analysis of the empirical analysis of listed securities of the company’s competitiveness. The empirical results of the assessment model, depicts the overall complete picture of China’s listed securities of the company’s competitiveness, reveals the weak links of China’s listed securities of the company’s competitiveness. And put forward practical suggestions to enhance the competitiveness of listed securities companies in China based on empirical results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Listed securities companies, Competitiveness, Evaluation index system, FactorAnalysis
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