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Study On The Land Use/Land-cover Change Of Pingshuo Mining Area Based On TM Images

Posted on:2014-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422461180Subject:Surveying and mapping engineering
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Mineral resources is the important material basis for human survival and developmentand a guarantee, the large-scale development and utilization of mineral resources inpromoting the national economy and social development at the same time,also causes theland surface shape and environmental damage. Land use/land cover change objectivelydocumented human alteration of earth surface features of the spatial pattern of activity,reproducing the landscape of the earth surface spatio-temporal and dynamic process,whichchanges with the global climate change, biodiversity,ecological environment evolution,ecological security level as well as the human and environmental interactions betweensustainability and other closely related. Coal mining area has become the world’s most typicaldegraded terrestrial biosphere,the most serious ecological system,so the coal mine area landuse/land cover change research has become a hot research topic in recent years.In this paper,we take the Pingshuo mining area as the study area. Based on TM imagesof2000and2010,and based on the decision tree classification,we get the Pingshuo miningarea land use information extraction method based on hierarchical classification through thestudy of the spectral reflectance theory of TM and the analysis of the local land use type.Compare with the maximum likelihood method,my method is rapid,accurate,and objective.Using this method we get the conditions of land use on2000and2010,and through thetransfer matrix of land use area we analysis land use change in recent ten years,and drivingforce analysis.Through this paper the following conclusions can be drawn:(1)We extract land use information using the decision tree classification method andcompare with the maximum likelihood method,the overall accuracy of the two were88.99%and82.84%,the decision tree method has the rapid、objective and accurate characteristic.(2) Study of TM imaging spectral reflection theory,using TM4and TM7can betterextrct land use information of mining area.(3) Using this method extract the land use information of mining area and extensionanalysis. land use process of study area including land excavated,land occupation and occupation of land,from the overall analysis of2000and2010research area vegetationcoverage decreases year by year,pit,peel region covers an area of increased.
Keywords/Search Tags:Remote sensing, TM, Mining area, LUCC, Decision tree
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