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Analysis And Application Of High-precision Coordinate Time Series Of GPS Site

Posted on:2014-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P F FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422461263Subject:Geodesy and Survey Engineering
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High-precision time series of GPS site coordinate which consists of a sequence ofhigh-precision position information, is come from the precise calculation of the site’scontinuous GPS observation. This time series reflects the continuity and stability of the site.Through the analysis and study of the time series, can we obtain a lot of information, such asplate motion, earth oscillation cycle, etc. It is of great significance for maintenance andupdating of the terrestrial reference frame, exploring and revealing the relationship betweenthe deformation mechanism and seismic activity, tectonic movement. The paper mainlyanalysis and discuss the analysis of the influence factors that affect high-precision GPS timeseries, the research of analysis methods and the analysis of the research results, etc.(1) It is the premise and foundation of time series analysis and extract relevantinformation that obtaining high-precision time series of GPS site coordinate. This paperanalyzes several factors, including the troposphere delay, ocean loading, the antenna phasecenter deviation and earth reference frame effect. Through the calculation, this paper focuseson the impact of GPS site coordinate from antenna phase center deviation and earth referenceframe. Also, draw some meaningful conclusions.(2) This paper introduces some common time series analysis method. Through calculationof the simulated data, we find that spectrum analysis is more sensitive to short term and thewavelet analysis method of high-frequency and low-frequency combination is reliable toextract long and short cycle. This paper extracts the period of approximately three hundredIGS station’s elevation time series based on this method, which obtains the annual periodicoscillation graph, half of annual periodic oscillation graph and a quarter cycle shock graph.And it provides a reference for studying the seasonal changes in elevation direction.(3) This paper introduces the high frequency GPS single epoch positioning theory, andanalyses the error source affecting the positioning precision. Due to that the single epochpositioning cannot use the long time average method to eliminate residual systematic errors,and Considering the multipath effect and orbit error has the obvious characteristic period, this paper propose the sidereal filtering and spatial filtering technique to weaken the impact.Through examples, this paper finds that this treatment has obvious effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:GPS, coordinate time series, PCV/PCO, ITRF, spectrum analysis, waveletanalysis, periodic, high-frequency single epoch
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