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The Algorithm Research And Software Implementation Of The High Precision Quasi Real-time Dynamic GPS Positioning

Posted on:2014-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422461418Subject:Geodesy and Survey Engineering
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As China’s second-generation BeiDou Navigation Satellite System to provide service,the number of visible satellites in space have been further expanded, and its associatedtheory and application of research toward multi-mode, multi-frequency, real-time, dynamicdirection. Nowadays, the application of GNSS involves more and more widely, the demandfor GNSS positioning remains not only high-precision, but also to meet the needs ofreal-time positioning. For example, in precision-guided, aerospace and vehicle navigationand the real-time monitoring of unexpected natural disasters, GNSS must be able to achievereal-time and high-precision positioning. Therefore, active research and development ofGNSS real-time dynamic positioning theory and technology plays an important theoreticaland practical significance. In this condition, this article carries out the following fourstudies:(1) The normal equation of single epoch double-difference model consisted bydual-frequency carrier phase observation is rank deficient. According to this, applicationand implementation of introduction of code observations improves this situation. It avoidsthe need for multi-epoch initialization of ambiguity on dual-frequency observationseffectively.(2) Real-time dynamic positioning requires ambiguity search and fixed strategy hashigher timeless. So we use more efficient algorithm M-LAMBDA to research and fixambiguity. And the Ratio value is used to verify the effectiveness of fixing ambiguity.(3) The author applied the extended Kalman filter of attach ambiguity parameters tosingle-epoch float-point solution. Due to the well inherited of previous epoch information, itcan predict and repair the current epoch effectively. So it not only improves the calculationaccuracy and forecast accuracy, but also simplifies the complexity of computation greatly.(4) On the basis of GNSS data processing theory and technology discussed in thispaper, the high precision real-time relative positioning procedures is written based on anopen source GNSS software RTKLIB. The program can use the single-epoch observation todo quasi-real-time positioning. Its accuracy can meet some routine GNSS deformationmonitoring requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Single-epoch algorithm, M-LAMBDA, Extended Kalman filter of attachambiguity parameters, RTKLIB
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