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Research On The Application Of Ground3D Laser Scanning Technology In The Monitoring Of Earth Surface Deformation

Posted on:2014-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S T ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330422461421Subject:Surveying and mapping engineering
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The three-dimensional laser scanning technology is a new laser measurement technologydeveloped in recent years, it is a three-dimensional scanning technology to a full automatic,non-contact, advanced high precision, also known as the " real copy technology ", can obtainthe spatial data to form high density, high precision sampling point at which point cloud datawith three laser scanner, to deal with the use of point cloud data acquisition to3D coordinatesto obtain digital terrain model with high accuracy and high resolution, the technology hasbeen used for monitoring terrain deformation, through the same area in different period ofterrain surface reconstruction, can be intuitive to understand deformation the grounddeformation and extracted data, completely changed the traditional " point " observation ofground deformation method, based on3D laser scanning technology is introduced, and basedon analysis of terrain data specific to the processing and monitoring results, exploration of3Dlaser scanning technology in the application of theory and methods of Terrain DeformationMonitoring field.In this paper first introduces the theory and application of3D laser scanning technology,the basic, secondly describes the method and process of Leica Scanstation2field collection ofthree-dimensional laser scanner hardware and data, to explore a3D laser scanner point cloudpreprocessing method according to the number, by splicing, the point cloud data denoising,filtration process to obtain the point cloud data with high precision, using the method of Bspline least square method and BP neural network cloud data into MATLAB and then point ofsurface reconstruction, and compare the two methods, the surface is obtained by the same areain different period to accuracy of merger control, observation deformation region, calculatethe deformation of arbitrary point, thus deformation trend of deformation region makemonitoring and prediction of effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:3D laser scanning technology, Surface deformation monitoring, Point cloud data, Surface reconstruction, BP neural network
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