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The Research And Application Of Complaints Support System Based On GIS Platform

Posted on:2013-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Z PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330425483605Subject:Software engineering
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With the open competition of telecommunications market and the coming of3Gage, it has become the main competition factors for mobile operators whether theycan offer higher quality network and services. From the points of users’ feeling,how to handle users’ complaints better, faster, and more effective has becomeurgent affairs of mobile operators.The particular space database technology of geographic information system canintegrate customers’ real position information with the network performanceinformation, alarm information and all kinds of the professional network systeminformation together, and show them in multidimensional way. Then it formshandling resort more close to the users’ perception. Relevant staffs can find hiddentroubles from the information, and then improve the network quality and customers’perception; also it is helpful to improve response speed and service quality ofcustomer service.Based on the analysis of the shortage in some aspects (systems decentralization,insufficient data of geographic information, simple application etc) of GISapplication service in current mobile system, this paper has researched andimplemented the comprehensive complaints handling platform which is a "one-stop"centralized system, namely a complaints support system based on unified GIS plat-form.The main innovation of this paper is the building of unified GIS platform withthree layers service manner. This paper Constructs the unified GIS platform as ageneral purpose, standard engine service, and puts forward the following three layersservice manner: integrating the basic data, then converts to basic space data tomanagement, through the general external Rest service release system, it deploysall business functions as applications in the manner of Rest\SOAP, it supportsapplication-oriented Flexviewer development framework and the encapsulation basicbusiness and provides the second development ability. Through the unified platformreleasing network failure, message and all kinds of information in the layer ofgeographic information, it has implemented visual collection for all kinds ofinformation, and then through the platform analysis service, it has implemented thecorrelated analysis of all kinds of information. Through the contrast analysis of intercept rat of customer service in the frontand inspect of monitoring black spots after the system delivered, GIS improvesthe service quality in the front as the supports means, and improves the confirmedrate of black spots combining GIS related analysis, then bring into play a big effect inthe process of handling complaint. After the system deliver to practice running, thequantity of complaint descends durativity, and users’ satisfaction improvespersistently, it has achieved good application effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile communications, customer complaints, complaints support system, Geographical Information System
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