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Resource Potential Analysis Of Shale Gas During The Middle And Upper Permian In Suolun-linxl Area, Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2015-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2250330428998755Subject:Mineral prospecting and exploration
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Suolun-Linxi area is located in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, about15square kilometers, contains some small and medium-sized basins, such as Tuquanbasin, Zhalute basin and Wulagai basin. The area develops a large number of highmaturity, dry gas hydrocarbon generation stage of dark mudstone and shale duringupper palaeozoic, it is a potential favorable area of hydrocarbon accumulation forshale gas, Implement shale gas resources investigation of Suolun-Linxi area hasimportant theoretical and practical significance to oil and gas exploration in the newfield breakthroughs and shale gas resources development and utilization during upperpalaeozoic in Northeast China.Late Paleozoic strata are development in Suolun-Linxi area. Permian has a widedistribution in Yanbian area, Especially Zhesi and linxi formation strata of the middleand upper Permian series has a wide distribution in the study zone. Based on fieldgeological investigation, combined with rock structure and tectonic as well as thesedimentary background characteristics of late Paleozoic, it concludes that theresearch area developed Marine environment in Middle Permian, mainly includingargillo calcareous neritic facies, argillaceous neritic facies, fan delta facies andconstitutes the argillo calcareous neritic-argillaceous neritic-fan delta sedimentarysystem. The research area developed continental environment in Upper Permian anddeveloped semi-deep lacustrine facies, fan delta facies. It constitutes the semi-deeplacustrine facies-fan delta sedimentary system.The rich organic matter of dark mud shale mainly contains grey black and blackmudstone and shale, silty mudstone, dark grey mudstone, they well exposed, widelydistributed, large thickness during the middle and upper Permian series in the studyarea. The dark mud shale of Zhesi formation during the middle Permian seriesaverage thickness over500m and mainly distributed in the middle study area alongthe northeast, such as Suolun town, Tuquan and Linxi county area, etc. The cumulative thickness of dark mud shale in Suolun town can be up to1115m; Whilethe dark mud shale of Linxi formation during the upper Permian series has a widedistribution. The average thickness of dark mud shale over500m in most area andcumulative thickness in Linxi country can be up to600m.Through systematic sampling and testing rich organic matter dark mud shale ofmiddle and upper Permian series in the study area as well as evaluating mud shale ofpetrology, geochemistry and the characteristics of reservoir space types in detail.Preliminary draw that control factors of the shale gas accumulation during the middleand upper Permian series in Suolun-Linxi area mainly include the thickness of darkmud shale development, rock composition, organic carbon content, organic mattertype, organic matter maturity and the reservoir space types. In the Zhesi formationduring the middle Permian series, the single largest effective thickness of dark mudshale is92m; high contents of quartz brittle minerals and average content is70.2%, itis easy to create natural fracture and make for shale gas enrichment and development;the average of organic carbon content is0.978%and the main organic matter typeisⅡkerogens; the distribution range of Ro is1.34%-4.23%and the organic mattergenerally is in over mature early stage; there are various types of reservoir space andmainly include microcracks, mineral pores, organic pore, especially mass integranularpore and dissolved pore during the mineral pores and reservoir physical property isbetter. In the Linxi formation during the upper Permian series, the single largesteffective thickness of dark mud shale is over20m;the average contents of quartzbrittle minerals is62.9%and has a high brittleness index;the average of organiccarbon content is0.826%and the main organic matter type isⅡkerogens; thedistribution range of Ro is0.79%-4.33%and the organic matter generally is innormal-high-over mature early stage; reservoir fracture and pore development andespecially lots of integranular pore and dissolved pore during the mineral pores, thereservoir physical property is better and good for occurrence accumulation.Comprehensive evaluation and analysis the main controlling factors of shale gasaccumulation during the middle and upper Permian series in the study area, andcompared with home and abroad, it is conclude that the shale gas accumulation duringthe middle and upper Permian series in the study area has broad prospects and certainresource potential. Preliminary predict that the northwest area and Tuquan basin is themost favorable area to develop shale gas accumulation, the second favorable area is the northeast region of Zhalute basin during the middle and upper Permian series inthe study area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Suolun-Linxi Area, Middle and Upper Permian, Lithofacies Paleogeography, Mud Shale, Shale Gas, Resource Potential
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