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Optimization Of Rolling Schedule Base On Quantum Genetic Algorithm And Its System Development

Posted on:2014-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Z ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330392464563Subject:Mechanical engineering
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A pivotal issue in Rolling at the beginning and Realize rolling process automation isthe determination of rolling technology. However, the most core problem of Rollingschedule presetting in the field of rolling technology always with human experience set dodominant over the long-term production practice, how to realize the intelligentoptimization setting has remained unsolved. Moreover, as the mill system which is strongcoupling, multi-coupled, nonlinearity and multivariable complexity, there is make aconnection between the comprehensive presetting operation which automatic optimization,data transmission, feedback control and the automatic control system cannot be established.The above range of factors hampers the rolling process from automatic realization by thecomputer, and the rolling procedure of presetting is still kept at a relatively low level.In search of solutions to the above-mentioned problems, this paper according to theQuantum genetic algorithm theory and Pareto non-inferior solution theory to realize designof the rolling schedule and multi-objective intelligent optimization. And on the basis of thedevelopment of collaborative configuration system implementation rolling schedulepresetting of automation.Base on the Quantum genetic theory, use the probability amplitude of quantum bitsto realize variable chromosome coding, through a quantum superposition of multiple stateexpress chromosome, using quantum logic gate complete chromosome update evolutionoperation, On the basis of keep genetic algorithm, The advantage of using quantumcomputing overcome shortcomings arising from genetic algorithm. Moreover, Consideringthe problem of often face more goals conflict optimization in the production practice, sointroducing Pareto non-inferior solution theory, then make each target coordinate betweenbalance and compromise processing, get the target as far as possible to achieve optimal.Besides, introducing a minimum problem of Rastrigin function to verify the relative meritsbetween Quantum genetic algorithm and genetic algorithm, introducing a multi-objectivefunction to investigate the feasible of Quantum genetic algorithm is based on Paretonon-inferior.Base on the reasonable mathematical model of traditional rolling schedule presetting, use the quantum genetic algorithm of Pareto non-inferior as the means to working exampleon a cold tandem mill. The results showed that this optimization method has achieveexpected on each frame rolling load balanced, and the energy consumption was reduced by5%or so, and obvious advantages on improve the production efficiency, improved thequality of products and performance of equipment.Based on the optimization of process parameters in the programming of the couplingrelationship and WinCC6.0configuration software, developed five stand cold tandem millpresetting automation, data transmission and feedback control of collaborativeconfiguration system software.
Keywords/Search Tags:cold tandem rolling, quantum genetic algorithm, rolling schedule, multi-objective optimization, pareto optimal, WinCC configurable software
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