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Research On The Risk Of Confined Water-inrush From Ⅰ5Coal Seam Floor And Cure Strategies Of The Wuzhai Coal Mine

Posted on:2013-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M H XingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330392961700Subject:Mineral prospecting and exploration
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The paper made a comprehensive collection of previous geological data on Wuzhaicoal mine, including the material of mine construction and the geological andhydrogeological data in mine production, combined with the measured data of under-ground, systematically analyzed and researched the geological and hydrogeologicalconditions of the mine. By analysis and research on the risk of confinedwater-inrushfrom Ⅰ5(G20) coal seam floor, puts forward the corresponding prevention and controlmeasures of mine water disaster. The research results, not only to get rid of the threatsof coal floor confined water bursting with threats, ensure thatⅠ5(G20)coal seamnormal development on the premise of security. At the same time, it can avoid blindinvestment on controling water engineering, reducing unnecessary waste, so as toachieve the best of economic and social benefits.This article focus on the sustained and rapid development of coal mine safety inproduction and the urgent need, use the theories and methods of petrology, groundwaterdynamics, tectonic geology making a research on the risk and the countermeasures toprevent and control of Limestone confined water-inrush fromⅠ5(G20) coal seam flooron the basis of ascertaining the watering, the law of watering, the supplies and runoffconditions and the mechanism of water-inrusrh.By analysis and research revealed that hydrogeological unit of Wuzhai minebelongs to the eastern Pingdingshan hydrogeological unit. The Taiyuan formationlimestone karat fracture aquifer Is the direct water filling aquifer of Ⅰ5(G20)coalseam, upper Cambrian dolomite limestone karstic fissure water aquifer is indirect waterfilling aquifer, the aquifer hanve strong water-richness and high head pressure. Whenthe structural fissure conduction Taiyuan formation limestone karat fracture aquifer, thetwo layers of aquifer formed the major source of mine water bursting.Prediction of mining safety area, located approximately in elevation above-275m,pressure below0.2MPa; water inrush danger zone, located approximately in elevationbetween-275~-350m, pressure approximately between0.2~1.0MPa; water burstingthreatened area, located approximately in elevation below-350m. Use two kinds of methods forecasting and contrasting mine water inflow, the Hydrogeology MatchMethod to predict the result of normal Qnormal=398m3/h, is similar to mine measuredinflow.By analysis and research on the hydrogeological conditions and the risk ofconfinedwater-inrush and forecasting and contrasting mine water inflow, finally, aimedat the actual situation of geological and hydrogeological conditions of Wuzhai mine,this article put forward four water control project, through the comparison and analysis,use the plan of specialized discharge tunnel sluicing when pre-exposed, which canrealize mine-wide water drainage and depressurization, high safety factor, reduce otherwater prevention and control measures, and easy to manage. In weak water-richness ofthe deep field, we can use production roadway draining water.
Keywords/Search Tags:risk of water-inrush, confined water, prevention and control of minewater, hydrogeological conditions
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