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Research On The Flow-displacement Nonlinear Compensation Of The Hydraulic Filkl Valve Based On The Valve Cup Structure

Posted on:2014-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Q DiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330392964552Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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The development of aerospace, nuclear power, shipbuilding, automobile, military and other industries is swift and violent in recent years, and the traditional heavy industry has followed suit. The demand for the size of forgings is higher and higher in the situation, and the level of precision is the same. As an important part of heavy equipment, hydraulic press plays an important role in the production of large forgings.The hydraulic press components with high performance are important factors affecting the precision of forging hydraulic press. The essential spare part of the hydraulic press is inlet valves and the draw-off valves. It is the core of the whole compressor control system. And its control performanc e affect the forging speed of the hydraulic press and the quality of forgings directly. All of the emulsion from Pump station of the hydraulic press is transported to the hydraulic cylinder through the inlet valves and used for forging. The inlet valves’flow characteristics has important implications for the overall performance of the system, the forging precision and and the production efficiency of the hydraulic press.This subject comes from "60MN free forge hydraulic press’power transmission and control system", mainly researching the main distributor inlet valve and the water system. In order to control the speed and the displacement of the activity beam accurately, the working principle and the flow characteristics of the hydraulic press inlet valve are researched first. To improve the nonlinear characteristics of the inlet valve flow-displacement curve, a compensation method based on the structure of the inlet valve cup is put forwad. The optimized inlet valve cup is simulated, calculated and analysised by using computer simulation technology. And then the flow-displacement curve has been gotten, so has the distributions of pressure and velocity. Secondly, the water press system model, including fill valve, pump station, the charge system and frame, is established by using simulation software. Through simulation we can get the response characteristic of the hydraulic press system, and test whether the valve cup structure improvement measure is feasible. Finally through the experiment data acquisition and processing analysis, the validity of the simulation model and the feasibility of the improved water valve are verified. The improvement measure for inlet water valve cup improves the linearity of the flow-displacement curve effectively, and provides theoretical and experimental foundation for the improvement and optimal design of the general water inlet valve core standards.
Keywords/Search Tags:forging pump press, inlet valve, flow-nonlinear displacement, valvecup structure, hydraulic press system
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