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Removal Technique Of Phosphorus In Typical Industrial Waste Water With Phosphorus

Posted on:2012-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330398992445Subject:Environmental Engineering
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As we all know the majority of our inland lakes and coastal waters are varying degrees of eutrophication pollution, one of the most important reason of eutrophication phenomenon is that nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients of aquatic plants over the water accumulation; The basic principle is that a large number of phosphorus elements discharge into natural water bodies, more than the natural water body’s own carrying capacity limit resulting in rivers, lakes and near-range marine eutrophication; Once the eutrophication of water bodies, even cutting off the external N, P and other nutrients access is also difficult to self-purification, the need for manual intervention, and human intervention, while also brought huge economic losses; Eutrophication is due to water loss, enabling the rapid deterioration of water environment. In recent years, China’s inland lakes and coastal waters, continental shelf have been happened incidents which is more than a significant public safety impact of eutrophication events, nutrient-rich water to the industrial brings agriculture, aquaculture and tourism and daily life bring great harm.Phosphating treatment is the surface treatment process of metal materials and parts prior to painting during the spraying or a chemical process, After phosphating of metal materials and products of phosphate coating formed on the surface immersed; the film can be sprayed layer and the metal matrix has a good binding capacity and have better wear resistance. Phosphating treatment processes generally include caustic degreasing, hot water rinse, cold rinse, acid descaling, the second cold water rinse and phosphate, and several other steps. In this process, mainly produces caustic wastewater, rinse water, pickling and phosphating waste and other waste water. Wastewater contains a lot of phosphide, the general was alkaline, which is a more intractable industrial waste.Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Group (FCK) is the largest refrigerator production base in Asia; base annual production for the refrigerator door, bottom cold refrigerator more than2million units (up to2010data); produced by Bosch and Siemens brand refrigerator equipped with spraying process workshop, painting workshop use of phosphate in wastewater treatment technologies used to produce the need for further processing before discharge (National sewage discharge standard-level two), but due to capacity expansion, the original capacity of40tons of industrial wastewater treatment process of standing or running at full capacity phased in over the issue of phosphorus. Taking into account the company is located in the downtown area Chuzhou and plant area limited area can not expand the sewage treatment station, only can change the premise of the relevant process and process parameters.To solve this problem this paper is devoted to studying the layout of the sewage treatment plant and to ensure the structure does not change, while significant changes in the delivery of pharmaceutical categories and put the amount of water to ensure water quality. After a lot of literature on the query and the sewage treatment process similar to a sister unit of research, we focus on changes in coagulation and sedimentation processes in the phosphorus removal capacity to explore, screening different types of flocculation agents for phosphorus removal than by laboratory experiment to determine the optimal ratio of agents and delivery capacity; evaluate response to environmental factors on the effect of phosphorus and environmental indicators to determine the best response; then the results of laboratory experiments as described above in the actual process of running the sewage treatment station to practice, making the coagulation and sedimentation process greatly enhanced phosphorus removal; the completion of process improvement at the same time we will run the cost of the previous process and the process is now running costs were compared.Test our system and proved the following Pharmaceutical ratio and reaction environment can effectively solve the Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Group, refrigerator production base of industrial wastewater treatment plant issues:The existing industrial wastewater treatment plant did not increase the area, in the original calcium hydroxide dosing system set up above the platform to place the PAC dosing system devices, specific facilities and equipment plus bottles of medicine to add a PAC, PAC mixing tank, an electronic metering pump, an air diaphragm pump.All of the original facilities in the adjustment of process parameters on the full use, the device did not cause the waste.Coagulation and sedimentation environment ph value of reaction11is the best; and the reaction environment ph value to be maintained at around11to ensure the timely reaction of the H+is in and, in order to facilitate the ongoing response. PAM as a concrete additive, it greatly enhanced the flocculation precipitation of phosphorus removal, its presence can make the solution of calcium hydroxide and phosphate precipitate particles produced by chemical reaction to form the role of making the bridge less precipitates the formation of larger groups and settling the point of sinking into the solution for the subsequent sedimentation tanks provide a powerful response to the environment. Practice in each100ml water use8mgPAM.PAC and PFS coagulant two kinds of calcium hydroxide and phosphorus have a good coagulant effect, but just from the sewage treatment station run economic perspective, PAC is the best choice. Optimum dosage for each100ml water use70mgPAC.According to the stirring speed of the stirring time may be big or small, taking into account the mix of continuity and the practical feasibility, the final choice in the speed of the mixing method, both to ensure adequate mixing of the solution and can guarantee the flocculating reaction has not be broken. The best way for stirring80r/min, stirring time (ie, the pool of water in the coagulation residence time) in about5min.Settling time to the project application area layout and cost-effective; According to the trial proceeds, the water quality can be achieved settling time of the node that sedimentation tank water residence time35min. In order to better achieve the sedimentation effect, the installation of inclined tube.In view of enterprises located in industrial wastewater treatment plant indoor temperature for a long time in the normal range, the solution temperature effects of this chemical precipitation process is not prominent, at room temperature environment to achieve better water quality and meet national standards.Based on actual operating data from the tracking figures of water treatment reduce the cost of6.99RMB/t before rectification to6.69RMB/t.
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