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Studies On The Technology Of Modified Atmosphere Preservation Of Guanxi Pomelo

Posted on:2012-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401985151Subject:Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
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Pomelo fruit (citrus grandsi(L.) miyou) was used to investigate the preservation effect of storage at different pre-storage treatments, different storage temperatures and different modified atmosphere package after harvest. Isolated the main pathogens of pomelo fruits and selected the better fungi stat of preservation effect. The integrated control technology of pomelo was confirmed.The preservation effect of pomelo fruits of pre-storage treatment at20℃、relative humidity (RH)70%,20℃RH above95%,30℃、RH70%and30℃、RH above95%was investigated, the pre-storage treatment of20℃、RH about70%is best and the section-drying index of fruits is at0.11low level.Penicillium spp. Phomopsis spp. and Fusarium spp. three main pathogens were isolated from the pomelo fruits storaged at low temperatures. Through the antibacterial test, after seven days, inhibition zone diameter of natamycin1000diluent for the three main pathogens were respectively2.80cm、2.50cm and1.60cm. According to the preservation effect of pomelo fruits treatmented with fungistat, the effect of natamycin is the best. After150days storage, the rotting rate is9.20%and soluble solid content is12.95%. The appearance of fruits is shiny and the taste is moderate sweet and sour.Determined the storage quality of pomelo fruits storaged at2℃、4℃、6℃and8℃, the chilling injury temperature belong4℃is obtained. Chilling injury symptoms was appeared after150days storage at4℃.6℃is the optimum temperature of long time storage. According the mutual relations among respiratory metabolism、enzyme activities and storage qualities, The possible role model of the chilling injury was discussed.The paper focused on effects of different fresh-keeping films on gas concentrations and storage qualities of pomelo fruits. The results showed that:0.025mm polyethylene (PE) film>0.015mm microporous film>0.05mm polyethylene film. The gases balance concentration in0.025mm polyethylene bags is O213.20%and CO21.90%. It maintained fruit respiratory rate at low range between17.50CO2mg/kg·h and23.08CO2mg/kg·h, delayed the fruit mature the aging process and extended the storage life.The process of Integrated control technology was:treatment with natamycin1000diluent preservative, pre-storage treatment at20℃、relative humidity (RH) about70%. modified atmosphere package with0.025mm PE and storage at6℃.After150days storage, the rotting ratio91.8%、weight-loss rate4.05%、total acid content0.75%、total sugar content9.64%and vitamin C47.50mg/100g.
Keywords/Search Tags:Guanxi pomelo, modified atmosphere, pre-storage treatment, fresh-keepingfilm, integrated control technology
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